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Next Generation of GIS Software - Open House

As a loyal Esri fan, I couldn't let this open house go by unnoticed!

At the R&D open house "you’ll see the latest Esri developments and meet the software engineers who are building the next generation of GIS software and online mapping capabilities. Experts will be on hand to listen to your requirements and answer any…


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Engagement Has Moved Online - Have Governments?

A few years ago I heard it said by political advisors that one hand-written letter to a Minister counts for more than 100 emails on the same topic.

The perception was that if someone sat down and wrote their thoughts in long-hand it showed more interest and commitment than if they typed and posted them online in a blog, social network or website.

I believe this has changed slightly, with emails now accorded almost equal status with postal mail (largely by…

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Enabling a Cost-Effective and Flexible Workforce [New Report]

As IT administrators and chief information officers, you face a particular challenge: facilitate the ability for your agency to work remotely, while reducing costs, protecting your data and assuring compliance. Your employees need flexibility in the way they work, as well as the ability to connect to resources anywhere, anytime.


Thanks to advances in technology, today you have an unprecedented opportunity to change the way your agency operates. IT leaders are exploring the…


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How Agencies Can Take a New Approach on Procurement

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”


This common phrase can be said for a lot of bureaucratic procedures: they’re slow to change and can eventually fall into a rut.


Like any change-adverse person, federal agencies have become too comfortable with an old-school procurement process.…


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A Brief History of Open Data and GIS

The following is an excerpt from our latest guide on Open Data & GIS: Better Understanding Our World.

In December 2007, a group of open data activists met in Sebastopol, California to discuss the promise of open data for government. This meeting would set the foundation for the…


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Jumpstarting Your Community With IT

State and local governments face a challenge when deploying new IT solutions. CIOs must build the right digital services that their constituents demand, and also must design IT systems and architectures that…


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Digital Property is “Real” Property: 5 Ways to Treat it That Way

Although we're in at least the seventh decade of the Digital Era, and people realize how integral social and digital technologies are to both our personal and professional lives, there is still a very strong tendency to underestimate the critical role of digital property in managing a brand identity, pursuing goals and objectives, and managing risk. Digital property is often treated as if…


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‘Do or Do not. There is no try.’ And more from AFFIRM's Monthly Speaker Series

Technology is an enabler. It gives us the ability to harvest big data, mobilize in ways unknown to previous generations, and shows us the means to improve every aspect of society. But that’s all. It just gives us the means, not the action.


Some industry leaders are looking to turn means into action. One of AFFIRM’s (the Association for Federal Information Resources Management) monthly panels looked at successful IT projects in government, the challenges faced, and the…


Added by Drew Doggett on August 19, 2014 at 12:30pm — No Comments

Opening Data to Improve Public Health: Launch of the California Public Health Data Portal

Health and Human Services may be the (or one of the) most important agencies to engage with open data. Public health departments, in particular, analyze and understand threats to the public’s wellbeing— a vitally important civic function. Your local Department of Public Health, for instance, strives to keep you up-to-date of your risk of contagious disease, the emergence of environmental hazards, and the likelihood of…


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Top Hurdles of Spend Analytics


With the stagnant economy, cost control has become the new mantra of every business. Businesses are deploying various strategies to contain costs and maintain profitability. Amongst such strategies is control and visibility into spending with external suppliers.

Spend analytics is the process of aggregating, cleansing, and analyzing corporate spending data for the purpose of reducing costs and improving operational performance. According to…


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10 Ways to Leverage Social Media in Your Organization

GovLoop recently hosted an online training session “Does Government Need an Exit Strategy for Facebook?” that explored ways to increase your organization’s outreach through social media.…


Added by Drew Doggett on August 18, 2014 at 10:30am — No Comments

Transforming Federal Data Into Smart Business Analytics

Transforming Data Into Smart Business Analytics

Check out my in-studio Tech Talk interview with John Gilroy at WFED Federal News Radio in Washington, DC. Learn how Federal agencies can achieve more by leveraging Tableau Software to see and understand all sizes and types of data. The segment titled Transforming Data Into Smart Business Analytics aired on August 12,…


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What the U.S. Digital Service Should Learn from Apple as a Platform

It’s been about 10 years. Apple went from creating one of the most interesting and successful media playing devices, the iPod, to generating the flagship mobile experience for consumers. Of course, I’m talking about the iPhone. The iPhone is simple, elegant, user friendly, and it just works, but the trick in the iPhone and the broader Apple marketplace is that they’ve been able to crack the…


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How to Build Partnerships the Right Way

In government, we often talk about the importance of building public-private partnerships. In San Jose, they aren’t just talking about building partnerships – they’re actually doing it.


The Silicon Valley Talent Partnership, a facilitator of public private partnerships, is working on ways to leverage Silicon…


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ITIF Urges New Music Copyright Legislation

In the early 20th century, you could only listen to music by attending live performances. Then you could listen to it on recordings. Then radio, vinyl, 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs, Napster iTunes and now through various streaming services like Pandora, Rdio, and Spotify.


If the technology to record…


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The Future is Now for Federal IT Transformation

No longer are we at the end of an IT lifecycle – we’re at the beginning of a new one


In this day and age, we expect our financial transactions, social networks, cars and even our televisions to operate at lightning fast speeds, enable unlimited connectivity and deliver services at the push of a button. We should expect and receive the same from the services our federal government provides. From interactions with civilian agencies for major life events to enjoying the…


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Talent Acquisition -- Forget The System, Define The Process

As the market for talent acquisition software evolves, government agencies typically move through a process of identification, proposals, testing and selection to determine the best fit for their organization. There are the usual RFIs, RFPs, solution bake offs and pilot testing, with the…


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Open Source First

It was great to see the recent blog of US General Services Administration (GSA) CIO Sonny Hashmi in which he establishes “open source first” as an agency policy:

“Simply put, any solution developed using taxpayer dollars should be in the taxpayer’s domain (open source). At GSA, we believe that all code we developed should be shared under an open license so others may benefit from…


Added by Rolando Penate on August 13, 2014 at 3:44pm — No Comments

IT Solutions with an Eye towards Speed, Savings, Efficiency

When I meet with agency customers, I hear about the struggles we face to get IT acquisitions done efficiently and smoothly.

Most government agencies–federal, state or local—face similar acquisition problems:

  • How do we acquire IT faster?
  • How can we continue to find savings?
  • Can you make it easier to acquire mission-critical IT solutions?
  • Can you help us meet annual small business goals?
  • Can you help us meet…

Added by Mary Davie ITS on August 13, 2014 at 12:12pm — No Comments

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