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Transforming Federal Data Into Smart Business Analytics

Transforming Data Into Smart Business Analytics

Check out my in-studio Tech Talk interview with John Gilroy at WFED Federal News Radio in Washington, DC. Learn how Federal agencies can achieve more by leveraging Tableau Software to see and understand all sizes and types of data. The segment titled Transforming Data Into Smart Business Analytics aired on August 12,…


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The Future is Now for Federal IT Transformation

No longer are we at the end of an IT lifecycle – we’re at the beginning of a new one


In this day and age, we expect our financial transactions, social networks, cars and even our televisions to operate at lightning fast speeds, enable unlimited connectivity and deliver services at the push of a button. We should expect and receive the same from the services our federal government provides. From interactions with civilian agencies for major life events to enjoying the…


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How to Start Your New IT Journey

Government needs a way to think holistically about IT, not letting solutions fall into separate silos

Technology has connected government to citizens in meaningful ways. With an ability to reach people through a variety of social channels…


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Top 5 Tech Tips to Help You Do Your Job Better

We're blogging from the Next Generation of Government Training Summit. Follow along @NextGenGov and read more blog posts here.

Prezi as an alternative to PowerPoint. Google Drive as a means to collaborate on documents in realtime. GitHub as a way to share your code with the world. Know that person in the office who always has the best tech…


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The Internet of Things: Preparing Yourself for a Connected Government [New Guide]

It's easy to find ways in which IoT has affected private and consumer-facing enterprises -- you probably have heard of the Nest thermostat or fitness devices that can monitor your movements, location, and workouts throughout the day.

But the effect of the Internet of Things on the public sector and government is less concrete. What’s clear, though, is that although government may not yet be taking…


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The Anatomy of a "Sniper" Hack

In war, there is quite a difference between the crude methods of indiscriminate destruction of weapons of mass destruction and a well trained sniper on a well-funded, precisely planned mission.  WMDs leave mess everywhere, make it clear to everyone something big happened and are more about fear than accomplishing specific goals.

In cyber war, the term WMD…


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5 Ways to Millennial-Proof Your Agency

Hi, my name is Mallory – and I’m a Millennial.


I know what you might be thinking: You’re one of those young whipper-snappers who grew up with the Internet, still lives with her parents and constantly posts narcissistic “selfies” on Facebook and Instagram. Wait ‘til you hit the real world, you Yuppie. 


That may not be an entirely false…


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Let the NSA Do Job of Protecting USA

There is arguably no greater responsibility for the federal…


Added by David B. Grinberg on July 7, 2014 at 8:30pm — 13 Comments

Four Reasons Agencies are Adopting the Cloud

GovLoop's recent guide, How Cloud is Reinventing Government, explores the how…


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Pen to Pad: Effective Web Writing

The web is an integral part of our daily lives. We seek out topics of interest on our favorite web sites because it is presented in a user-friendly, readable format. However, when we are charged with developing engaging web content, sometimes we get "writer's block" which will prevent…


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Built to Fail: Why Governments Struggle to Implement New Technology

The great truism that underlies the civic technology movement of the last several years is that governments face difficulty implementing technology, and they generally manage IT assets and projects very poorly.

It can be tempting to view this lack of technology acumen as a symptom of a larger disfunction. Governments are thought to be large, plodding bureaucracies that do lots of things poorly - technology management and implementation are but one of the many things that governments…


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Lessons Learned – Tips For A Successful Technology Implementation

It’s not new to say that technology is having a significant impact on modern life. As technology becomes smaller, cheaper, and faster, staying up-to-date can be challenging.

This is especially true for public sector organizations where procurement hasn’t caught up to new ways of using or implementing technology. As government works through modernization, implementing large-scale technological upgrades takes planning and people skills.

We spoke with David Couch, Associate…


Added by Bailey McCann on June 16, 2014 at 2:04pm — 1 Comment

Want Gov Innovation? Lift Off with NASA

If you want to know about major innovation in the public sector then look to NASA. The space agency is a crown jewel of government innovation and a global role model for groundbreaking scientific research and discovery.…


Added by David B. Grinberg on June 15, 2014 at 8:30pm — 7 Comments

Percentage of Government Employees Under 30 Hit 8-Year Low in 2013

As someone who helps clients land jobs in Federal Government, this headline and article obviously caught my eye and I thought I would pass it along. I know it will start/continue an already lively conversation. I have so many comments about it, and the comments, that it would require an eBook. =)…


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Future of Work for Millennials Will Be Results-Only (ROWE)

In the virtual workplace of the future many high-performing millennials will be empowered by employers to decide when, where and how they work.

These employees will be responsible for setting their own hours, as well as deciding if and when to physically commute to a traditional brick-and-mortar office. That is, assuming one still exists in the decades ahead due to new and evolving…


Added by David B. Grinberg on June 1, 2014 at 8:30pm — 11 Comments

What Keeps CLOs Up at Night?

Why is this important?

The best organizations have high performing learning and development (L&D) departments.  There is a direct correlation between organizations that are successful and how much value they place on L&D.  Many organizations are struggling with finding the right people to fill technical jobs due to the shortage of skilled workers to fill those jobs.  Organizations have two choices, either fill the jobs with people who are…


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What Happens When Our Senior Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors Retire?

More than two-thirds of NASA employees are scientists and engineers, and NASA has one of the oldest workforces in the federal government – many of whom are nearing retirement.  So what’s the plan for recruiting new scientific, engineering, and medical leadership talent?


Dr. Gina Scott Ligon, along with her University of…


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Can Innovation Labs Transform Public Sector Work Culture?

In case you missed it, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has brought a piece of Silicon Valley’s high-tech entrepreneurial spirit to Washington in the form of a new and exciting Innovation Lab.…


Added by David B. Grinberg on May 11, 2014 at 7:30pm — 10 Comments

Are Cloud Brokers the Way of the Future?

Everything we do in today’s complex IT world revolves around the need to secure the enterprise. Without having the confidence that data and information is protected, adoption will be stifled, innovation will suffer and services will not be delivered efficiently and effectively.




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Get More Stuff Done: 9 of Your Best Productivity Tips

Get more stuff done.

Last week, our CEO and founder Steve Ressler started a simple discussion: How do you get ever actually get stuff done at work? It seems…


Added by Catherine Andrews on April 14, 2014 at 9:30am — 1 Comment

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