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Towards Copernicus

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What Governments Can Learn From Amazon

While the Government of Canada's forthcoming move towards a single website has been met with skepticism, the move is congruent with the trend and presents some significant downstream opportunities to innovate on the service delivery front.…


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We are all street level bureaucrats now

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Through the Looking Glass: How Google Glass Could Radically Change Your Organization

A couple of weeks ago I read an article in Rolling Stone entitled "The Future of Movies: How Will Google Glass Change Filmmaking?". While it was obviously focused on the how Glass will impact the film industry, reading it sparked an idea about how organizations could lever Glass to better understand their day-to-day…


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The Bazaar World of Fearless Advice 2.0

It's no surprise that our role as civil servants is changing. One can hardly browse a civil service centric…


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Embracing Authenticity Means Embracing Complexity

Today I wanted to focus on the connection between authenticity and complexity but before jumping to the meat of it I wanted to recap how we got here. Whether you've noticed or not, we've been deliberately walking you down a very deliberate path recently:

  • I asked a thought provoking question about the tenuous relationship between bureaucrats who see value in pursuing innovative and a public narrative that demands predictability (See:…

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We all have our defining moments

Mine happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

I was in university at the time, working as a front desk agent for a hotel here in Ottawa. I spent a number of years with the company and during that time I was fortunate enough to have met thousands…


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Witty Ts for Government Worker Bees at NextGen!

Last year I teamed up with a brilliant designer here in Ottawa to found a company that aims to bring a little more fun into the public service. Together we're redefining private-public partnerships by delivering a witty set of designer Ts that are either positively encouraging, derisively subversive, and perfectly ironic to office workers across north America. We called the business - wait for it ... :



... and…


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Can bureaucrats be interesting when the world demands that they be boring?

In a previous blog on his former site (See: The World Needs Us to Stop Being Boring), newly minted co-author Kent Aitken, expressed his lament at the fact that the public service is rich with unrealized creativity, extolling that the world needs us (public servants)… Continue

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Pivots, badges, a new contributor, and bureaucratic ipsum

Hi All -

You may have noticed things changing around the blog recently - new logos, new pages, the bio of a new contributor - in short, I'm widening the tent, bringing people in, and trying to branch out into a couple of different things.

First, last week's post (See: Big Data, Social Media, and the Long Tail of Public Policy) is a bit of a pivot in focus,…


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Using the disruptive web to your advantage

I'm excited to be off to Toronto today (vacation) to deliver a pair of workshops to students at Humber College.  As you likely know by now I am very particular about my presentations. I spend countless hours agonizing over images, placement, word choice and the relationship between the different elements; here's what I've come up with (apologies but I can't seem to embed a Prezi here).…


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