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Articles I’m Digesting: Feb 28th, 2011

Been a while since I've done one of these. A surprising amount of reading getting done in my life despite a hectic schedule. In addition to the articles below, I recently finished Shirky's Cognitive Surplus (solid read) and am almost done Kevin Kelly's What Technology Wants , which, is blowing my mind. More on both soon, I…


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Lazy Journalist Revealer. This. Is. Awesome.

Everybody keeps thinking that transparency and improved access to content is something that is only going to affect government, or, maybe some corporations.

I've tried to argue differently in places like this blog post and in Taylor and I's chapter in The New Journalist.

Here's a…


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Saving Healthcare Billions: Let’s fork the VA’s Electronic Health Records System

Alternative title for this post: How our Government's fear of Open Source Software is costing us Billions.

So, I've been meaning to blog this for several months now.

Back in November I remember coming across this great, but very short, interview in the Globe and Mail with Ken Kizer. Who, you might ask, is Ken Kizer?…


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Sharing Critical Information with Public: Lessons for Governments

Increasingly governments are looking for new and more impactful ways to communicate with citizens. There is a slow but growing awareness that traditional sources of outreach, such as TV stories and newspaper advertisements are either not reaching a significant portion of the population and/or have little impact on raising awareness of a given issue.

The exciting thing about this is that there is some real innovation taking place in governments as they grapple with this challenge. This…


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The State of Open Data in Canada: The Year of the License

Open Data now an established fact in a growing list of Canadian cities. Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa have established portals, Montreal, Calgary, Hamilton and some other cities are looking into launching their own and a few…


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Open Knowledge Foundation Open Data Advocate

My colleagues over at the Open Knowledge Foundation have been thinking about recruiting an Open Data Advocate, someone who can coordinate a number of the activities they are up to in the open data space. I offered to think about what the role should entail and how that person could be effective. Consequently, in the interests of transparency, fleshing out my thinking and seeing if there might be feed back (feel free to comment openly, or email me personally if…


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The problem with the UBB debate

I reley dont wan to say this, but I have to now.

This debate isso esey!

Really, it is.

The back and forth for and against UBB has - for me - sadly so missed the mark on the real issue it is beyond frustrating. It's been nice to see a voice or two like Michael Geist begin to note the real issue - lack of competition - but by and large, we continue to have the…


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Egypt: Connected to revolution

This piece is cross-posted from the Opinion Page of the Toronto Star which was kind enough to publish it this morning.

Over the weekend something profound happened. The Egyptian government, confronted with growing public unrest, attempted to disconnect itself. It shut down its cellular and telephone networks and unplugged from the Internet.

It was a…


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