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Next Generation Open Data: Personal Data Access

This post matters. If you're involved in the healthcare sector or a energy utility, please read.


This Monday I had the pleasure of being in Mexico City for the OECD's High Level Meeting on e-Government. CIO's from a number of countries were present - including Australia, Canada, the UK and Mexico (among others). But what really got me going was a presentation by Chris Vein, the Deputy United States Chief…


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When Industries Get Disrupted: Toronto Real Estate Boards Sad Campaign

As some of my readers know I've been engaged by the real estate industry at various points over the last year to share thoughts about how they might be impacted in a world where listings data might be more open.

So I was saddened to read the other day about this misleading…


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Some upcoming talks

Sorry for the lack of posts this week - just some calm before gathering storm. April and May are going to be intense.

For those interested in these things I've a number of upcoming talks I'll be giving and and conferences I'll be attending. Many of these are open to the public in case you are in the neighborhood.

Conference: OECD High Level Meeting on E-Government: New ICT Solutions for Public…


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Citizen Surveillance and the Coming Challenge for Public Institutions

The other day I stumbled over this intriguing article which describes how a group of residents in Vancouver have started to surveille the police as they do their work in the downtown eastside, one of the poorest and toughest neighborhoods in Canada. The reason is simple. Many people - particularly those who are marginalized and most vulnerable - simply do not trust the police. The interview with the…


Added by David Eaves on March 20, 2012 at 9:09am — 1 Comment – Data Sets I found that are interesting, and some suggestions

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the Canadian federal government's open data portal. Over the past year government officials have been continuously adding to the portal, but as it isn't particularly easy to browse data sets on the website, I've noticed a lot of people aren't aware of what data is now available (self included!). Consequently, I want to encourage people to scan the available data sets and blog about ones that they think might be…


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Sharing ideas about

As some of you may remember, the other week I suggested that on its one year anniversary we hack - specifically, that people share what data sets they find most interesting on the website, especially as it is hard to search it.

Initially I'd uploaded a list of all the data sets on the catalog to buzzdata. However the other day the…


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Want to Find Government Innovation? US Military is often leading the way.

When it comes to see what trends will impact government in 20-30 years I'm a big fan of watching the US military. They may do lot of things wrong but, when it comes to government, they are on the bleeding edge of being a "learning organization." It often feels like they are less risk averse, more likely to experiment, and, (as noted) more likely to learn, than almost any government agency I can think of (hint, those things maybe be interconnected). Few people realize that to rise above…


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Access to Information, Open Data and the Problem with Convergence

In response to my post yesterday one reader sent me a very thoughtful commentary that included this line at the end:

"Rather than compare [Freedom of Information] FOI legislation and Open Gov Data as if it’s “one or the other”, do you think there's a way of talking about how the two might converge?"

One small detail:

So before diving in to the meat let me start by saying I don't believe anything in yesterday's post claimed open…


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Calculating the Value of Canada’s Open Data Portal: A Mini-Case Study

Okay, let's geek out on some open data portal stats from I've got three parts to this review: First, an assessment on how to assess the value of Second, a look at what are the most downloaded data sets. And third, some interesting data about who is visiting the portal.

Before we dive in, a thank you to Jonathan C sent me some of this data to me the other day after requesting it from Treasury Board,…


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Attack of the Drones – How Surveillance May Change our Culture

I've been following the rise of do it yourself (DIY) drones for a few years now, ever since Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired magazine, introduced me to the topic in a podcast. And yes, I'm talking about flying drones... Like those the US Air Force uses to monitor - and attack - enemy forces in Afghanistan. Except, in the case of DIY drones, they are smaller, cheaper, and are being built by a growing legion of hobbyists, companies and enthusiasts all around the world, many of whom are…


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Let’s Hack

In just under two weeks will celebrate its one year anniversary. This will also mark the period that the pilot project is officially supposed to end.

Looking at three things stand out. First, the license has improved a great deal since its launch. Second, a LOT of data has been added to the site over the last year. And finally, the…


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