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Insite: Evidence, compassion and effectiveness overcome fear and reactiveness

I'm so deeply pleased to hear that the Supreme Court has ordered the federal government to allow Insite, Vancouver’s supervised injection site, to stay open. While on one level the case was about a battle of powers between the provincial and federal government - does health policy trump criminal law - at a deeper level it was a case about evidence based public policy. The question was, when lives are at stake and people will die as a result of…


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The Geopolitics of the Open Government Partnership: the beginning of Open vs. Closed

There hasn't been a ton of press about the Open Government Partnership (OGP). This is hardly surprising. The press likes to talk about corruption and bad government, people getting together to talk about actually address these things in far less sexy.

But even where good coverage exists…


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Canada Joins the Open Government Partnership

I'm in New York today for the launch of the Open Government Partnership and it looks as the Canada is now a signatory (or at least has signed a letter of intent).

No commitments are outlined, but I will link to them when they are posted.

The Open Government Partnership was launched by the White House and the State Department earlier this year with 8 founding countries. The goal is to get a coalition of governments…


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Neo-Progressive Watch: Rahm Emanuel vs. Teachers Union

Anyone who read the Obama's book, The Audacity of Hope will have been struck with the amount of time the then aspiring presidential candidate spent writing about public education policy. More notably, he seemed to acknowledge that any effort at education reform was likely going to butt heads with teachers unions at some point and that some new approaches were either going to have to be negotiated or imposed. It was a point of tension that wasn't much talked about in the reviews that I read.…


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Interview with Charles Leadbeater – Monday September 19th

I'm excited to share that I'll be interviewing British public policy and open innovation expert Charles Leadbeater on September 19th as part of a SIG's webinar series. For readers not familiar with Charles Leadbeater, he is the author of We-Think and numerous other chapters, pamphlets and articles, ranging…


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Research Request – Transit Study

After writing yesterday's post on the economics of opendata and transit I've really been reflecting on a research question that emerged in the piece: Does having transit data embedded in Google Maps increase ridership?

My hypothesis is that it would... but I did some googling on the topic and couldn't find anything written on the subject, not to mention something that had been…


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The Economics of Open Data – Mini-Case, Transit Data & Translink

Translink, the company that runs public transit in the region where I live (Vancouver/Lower Mainland) is getting ready to launch a real time bus tracking app that will use GPS data to figure out how far away the next the bus you are waiting for really is. This is great news for everyone.

Of course for those interested in government innovation and public policy it also leads to another…


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What Re-Releases of Star Wars can Teach Us About Art and Product Management

The other day I noticed this tweet fly by in the twittersphere




Was this a complaint? In light of the fact the internet was rife with complaints about changes to the movies in the Blue Ray release of the original trilogy, I suspect so. While I do…


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