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How-To: Build a Government Twitter Profile + Grow Engagement


Want to fly high?  Yes,  Twitter is an outstanding way (one of the best, in fact) to reach citizens and engage.  However, as a government organization just because you launch a Twitter profile doesn't mean people will automatically come running to find out what you are saying.  Instead, you need to build your following over time, by consistently engaging citizens and providing value.

**Note - this is draft 1.…


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The State of Engagement

Here's a really nice round-up up the technology and engagement aspect of last night's #SOTU.  From folks over in the UK at Helpful Technology.


The State of Engagement...


What did you like about last night's #SOTU…


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Powerful Brand + Sharing = Explosive Growth


What do you get when you team up a powerful brand and share a great deal?  A gigantic explosion, at lightning speed.


Such was the case when LivingSocial offered an deal: $20 for $10 - -…


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Community Building: Six Tips for Hosting a Great Live Chat


Here in GovLoopville, we really enjoy hosting live chats with interesting and cool interviewees.  The more chats we do, the better groove we get into, but we're not going to pretend we were born doing this.  It takes practice.  Maybe a bit like hosting a live radio show or being an emcee, you need to…


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The Business of Being Real

Eight years ago, I was 22, and was just starting my first full-time job in the "real world."  I was a Marketing Assistant for a mid-size consulting company in Cambridge, MA.  After a few days on the job, I realized I would be writing A LOT (which just tickled me pink), but I also realized the English I was used to…


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The 3 A's of Awesome

As many of you remember from GovLoop's Inaugural Next Generation of Government Summit last July, Neil Pasricha, author of the blog 1000 Awesome Things and the Book of Awesome gave a truly inspiring presentation on…


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10 Tips For Designing a Great Facebook Quiz

Let's say you're the California Avocado Commission.  You want to create awareness around avocados.  Why?  Perhaps your avocados aren't getting the consumer love they once did, or you recently had a recall and want to get the facts straight with weary buyers.  What do…


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Community Building: How to Write Seismic Emails

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how to literally save lives through strategic social media and email campaigns.  I'm a huge believer that email is a thriving and fundamental tool, despite thoughts here and there that email is dead.  Rubbish, for the…


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GovLoop now lives in Palo Alto, CA

You know a community is rocking when a room is painted in its honor in Palo Alto, CA.


We're that community!  Ning, the platform GovLoop is built on, dedicated a room to us.  Here you go folks.




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Social Media and Email Best Practices: How to Save a Life

(photo credit)


Typically, I don't get chills on my metro ride to work at 7:30 in the morning.  Nor do I get all choked up.  This morning I experienced both.  Why?  Read the story below.  It's worth the 3 minutes.




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