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Investigating the Cloud for the Public Sector: GovLoop and Oracle Executive Research Brief

As a government leader, you are constantly challenged to identify new and innovative solutions to drive change within your agency. On a daily basis, you are required to consider how to cut costs and increase efficiencies for your agency. This GovLoop and Oracle executive research brief provides you with the unique opportunity to learn how to reinvent your agency through cloud computing. Specifically, this executive brief (Download PDF) includes:

  • Analysis from a GovLoop survey of 196 public sector professionals
  • Perspectives on cloud computing from two Oracle experts
  • Best practices and challenges for cloud adoption in the public sector
  • Insights on cloud computing’s role in shaping the future of government


Your journey to the cloud requires a commitment to understanding the unique requirements and opportunities the cloud presents, and this report is your first step. Armed with this information, you can create a tailor made solution for your agency and become a bright spot in government innovation.



It’s clear that cloud computing is now the future of government. As one survey participant said, “I see it as the future of how we work.  I particularly like the idea of having access to software via the cloud that I may only need to use once in a while.  I also see it as critical to having a mobile office, and more flexibility to work from home.” Cloud computing will continue to shape government, and allow increased collaboration and access to information across government. In this report, we asked our industry experts and GovLoop community to identify what they see as the next phase of cloud, and the impact it will make in the public sector.


“We are going to continue to see cloud adoption. I think the right answer for most organizations is going to be selecting a hybrid model. Organizations will continue to identify what solutions they want to run in-house and what solutions to put in the cloud. I think that, at the end of the day, they are more likely to end up with more infrastructures in the cloud, and controlling a lot of their applications in-house. The cloud is not going away by any means. I expect to witness adoption to continue,” said Aaron Erickson, director of government innovation at Oracle. The GovLoop community also provided additional insights on the future of cloud computing. They said cloud computing is:


  • “A way to implement common business practices and eliminate redundancy.”
  • “A platform for collaborative decision making.”
  • “Important for sharing between agencies and institutions.”
  • “…the mainstream way for accessing and collecting information, interactive communications and virtual meeting platforms.”
  • “The single source for most constituent-driven requests and the ability to drill down and report data.”
  • “…the future of how we work.  I particularly like the idea of having access to software via the cloud that I may only need to use once in a while.  I also see it as critical to having a mobile office, and more flexibility to work from home.”


Moreover, one respondent also said they “would love to see it being used by employees to access information in the field and to share documents across the agency.” These insights are just the beginning of the impact that cloud will make in the public sector. As standards and implementation strategies continue to mature, more agencies will adopt the cloud and leverage it to transform their operations. This report provided you with an overview of the current state of cloud, and the impact cloud computing is making in government. We also gave you tactical and practical best practices to make cloud a reality for your agency.


Government is at a crossroads. Today, technology is leading government into the future, helping to modernize and transform how government agencies operate. By adopting the cloud, you will put your agency on the path for future adoptions and making government more efficient, effective, and re-energize your organization by transforming the way you deliver services.  Be sure to read and download our report to help guide you towards smart cloud procurement.


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