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Smarter Cities: Building Safer Communities in the Digital Age

Analytics has transformed the way public safety organizations fight crime and keep our communities safe. Today, GovLoop and IBM have released a new report, Smarter Cities: Public Safety in the Digital Age, which explores how new analytical approaches has re-imagined the way the public sector protects communities. 


Report Highlights

  • GovLoop releases new report, Smarter Cities: Public Safety in the Digital Age
  • Report includes two public safety case studies from Lancaster County and Miami-Dade County 
  • Analytics continues to transform the way agencies keep communities safe and secure

As governments are faced with shrinking budgets and resources, public safety officials are tasked to deliver mission value in new ways. “Agencies simply cannot afford to put more officers on the street. They need to make improved decisions and allocate resources more effectively. Leveraging crime analytics is part of the solution in a time of tight budgets and resources,” states Mike Reade, Public Safety Specialist, IBM® Smarter Cities Team.


The GovLoop and IBM report explores the variety of crime analytics applications agencies are adopting. The various applications reflects how agencies are looking to align analytics to core mission functions. Existing use cases for crime analytics includes:


  • Combating recidivism by understanding and focusing on serious and prolific offenders
  • Predicting and preventing crime before it happens 
  • Enhancing situalional awareness for officers through social media analytics or video analytics to detect suspicious activity as events unfold
  • Providing real-time insights through GIS technology and geo-tagged crime data to deliver knowledge on surrounding locations and identify potential escape routes
  • Optimizing resource deployment and measuring outcomes of decisions and crime-fighting initiatives


The report includes interviews with IBM thought leaders, Mike Reade, Public Safety Specialist, IBM® Smarter Cities Team, David Edwards, Global Public Safety Offering Manager, IBM Smarter Cities and Jim Lingerfelt, Senior Consultant, IBM. The report can be read online below or download a PDF here.

In the report Lingerfelt identifies the link between public safety and the economic viability of communities, “We are doing some deeper thinking about a community and the way it is affected by crime. Crime is inextricably linked to economic development, so that fact alone demands a broader approach that includes social services agencies, schools, community groups and even getting involved in permitting and zoning,” states Lingerfelt.  

For public sector organizations to truly transform into modern institutions, agencies will be forced to adopt analytics as a core business function. Now, like never before, agencies must explore new and innovative ways to protect citizens. In order to do so, utilizing analytics is the way forward for agencies to combat crime with diminishing budgets and resources. 

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Comment by Pat Fiorenza on July 17, 2013 at 2:23pm

Also - for those interested, GovLoop and IBM will be doing a webinar tomorrow (7/18) on crime analytics. It will archived as well, in case you cannot join us live. Sharing the abstract below and link to register:

Smarter Government: Intelligent Law Enforcement & Analytics to Help Keep Communities Safe

Public Safety agencies are in the midst of a transformation. Cities such as St. Louis are turning analytics into actionable insights, uncovering trends in real time to fight crime and to help keep our communities safe. Despite new technologies, public safety organizations are still challenged to effectively manage the volume and variety of data to improve public safety outcomes. Although challenges remain, the key to safe communities and intelligent law enforcement is grounded in leveraging crime analytics.

Join your peers, GovLoop, and IBM on Thursday, July 18 at our free online training to learn more about the challenges public safety agencies are facing and how new strategies can help fight crime, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Specifically, participants will:

  • Hear from public sector professionals on the current challenges and lessons learned in Public Safety.
  • Hear from Dr. Rick Rosenfeld, Curators Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Missouri and criminologist in residence at the Metropolitan St. Louis Police Department, on how the city of St. Louis used analytics to fight crime, improve safety, and increase productivity.
  • Learn more about Intelligent Law Enforcement Operations and how it applies to your city or state.
  • Leverage the public safety operational and business process lessons learned into other areas of your agency.

...Plus an interactive Q&A session.

Keeping our communities safe is a critical factor in their economic viability. Join us and listen to what some of the greatest crime fighters have in common!


Date: Thursday, July 18, 2013

Time: 2:00-3:00PM ET

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