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  • Are open standards a closed barrier? | Government Digital Service – "Fresh out of a roundtable discussion on the Open Standards: Open Opportunities consultation, Linda Humphries discusses whether open can really mean closed."
  • eParticipation needs to be carefully integrated into the complex wo... – "While technical problems can sink eParticipation initiatives, the core challenges are on the social side. Ella Taylor-Smith discusses what eParticipation actually means and how it should be evaluated."
  • #Unacceptable IT is pervasive | | G-CloudG-Cloud – "Real progress has been blocked by many things including an absence of capability in both departments and their suppliers, by a strong resistance to change, by the perverse incentives of contracts that mean its cheaper to pay service credits than to fix the problem and by an unwillingness to embrace the potential of newer and smaller players to offer status quo-busting ideas."
  • Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government 1 / 5 – "Canada's commitment to open government is part of the federal government's efforts to foster greater openness and accountability, to provide Canadians with more opportunities to learn about and participate in government, to drive innovation and economic opportunities for all Canadians and, at the same time, create a more cost effective, efficient and responsive government."
  • GDS design principles – Interesting and important stuff for webbies to consider.
  • Making the case for a FOSS CMS | Digital by Default – Matt Jukes shares his thinking on choosing a CMS.

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