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3 Reasons Why Cities Should Focus on Seniors, Not Whippersnappers

Last week, I served on a panel at the National League of Cities Congress in Denver, Colorado. Fellow panelists included Harvard’s John O’Leary, The Performance Institute’s Alan Shark, Muni Gov 2.0 co-founder Pam Broviak and Social Media for Responders founder Mark Basnight. Each of us offered our insights about the state of social media in… Read more »

LAFD Goes Mobile

Originally posted on the LAFD News and Information Blog Posted 12/1/2010 Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman Los Angeles Fire Department The Los Angeles Fire Department is pleased to unveil LAFDmobile, a free application for iPhone and Android smartphones. Created and funded as a proof-of-concept by a veteran firefighter to support the “LAFD Everywhere” initiative, LAFDmobile… Read more »

Why the White House Belongs at the Top of the Digital IQ Rankings

While gazing at the Public Sector Digital IQ Rankings, I was happy to see that the White House was ranked No. 2. The rankings commented that “From open-sourced contests to balance the budget to weekly presidential addresses on YouTube, the White House leads by example.” I couldn’t agree more. I was very impressed when I… Read more »

Get Your Gov On – Right Now, Real-Time

Original post by guest author Dave McClure, Associate Administrator, Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, U.S. General Services Administration, on GovDelivery’s Reach the Public blog. We live our lives in real time and the government is moving to respond, react, and communicate with the public in more open and agile ways. Often, however, we… Read more »

Global Gov 2.0 – “Generation GovLoop” Provoking Profound Change? (France)

Originally posted on by Jean-Sebastian Stehli on August 12, 2010 A funny thing is occuring in the U.S., a silent revolution that no one has yet registered, but whose impact on American society will be felt for half a century to come. In the next four years, nearly 500,000 baby boomer employees will retire…. Read more »

Live Blog & Video – Service Delivery New Brunswick

Live-blogging from notes Service One – Integrated Service Delivery and the Need for a Paradigm Shift Stephen Dixon Service New Brunswick Service vs Enforcement/Monopoly -Private sector – service quality and standards -Government regulations enforcement interactions with public -Putting a square peg in a round hole – public vs private is different It’s not about… Read more »

Live-Blogging – Michael Walsh – Gartner

Live blogging…Michael Smith of Gartner at MISA Canada.The Value of IT-Productivity growth in U.S. economy – -Each year 2.5% increase in productivity from 2000-2007-IT Capital and Application of IT have biggest improvements on productivity (Non-IT capital and multifactor productivity, and labor composition also)-80% of U.S. productivity growth comes from ITIT Productivity Gap-IT is correlated with… Read more »

Gov 2 Expo – Notes form Sonal Shah – WH Director of Soc Entrepreneurship

Sonal Shah – WH Director of Social Entrepreneurship and InnovationHow do we look at these problems differently? With technology, innovation, and people…what keeping us from scaling great ideas.3 perspectives the office works from:1-Capital – How can gov’t deploy capital differently to ensure best ideas to capital. In social sectors, get a grant and moves slow… Read more »