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3 Business Lessons from the Batting Cage

Learning how to succeed in business can come from a variety of diverse sources. It may include mentors, managers and multiple teams of staffers that you meet during your career. Inspiration for solid business practices may also result from other life experiences, including sports. The three business lessons I learned from the batting cage cover… Read more »


I’m a Millennial, But Don’t Stereotype Me!

Hello, my name is Emily and I am a millennial. And you know what? I am proud to be a millennial. Oftentimes, the millennials get a bad reputation as being lazy, tech focused and commitment phobes. But I’m here to tell you: It’s not all true. Right now, millennials make up about 16 percent of the… Read more »

Multi-Ethnic Group of People Planning Ideas

GovLoop is Hiring: Apply for Our Spring Fellowship Program

Over the past 4 years, GovLoop has hosted a Graduate Fellowship Program in which recent graduates or current  graduate students have joined us for a semester to contribute to our mission to “connect government to improve government.” Over 40 Fellows have worked on our core projects, including our research guides, online and in-person training, digital… Read more »

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7 Ways to Build a Boss

Since there’s the “Build a Bear” concept for kids, I figured why not create my own fictitious “Build a Boss?” I have had a fairly large number of supervisors during my federal government career (I’m counting at least 14 in 11 years). And while no one is perfect (not even Olivia Pope on “Scandal”… even… Read more »


Office Rebel: Benefits of Coloring Outside of the Lines

Each year, some employees do their best to stay focused by following the office rules and political climate succinctly. While this is a way to play it safe, it often yields the same results: a “check the box mentality” of task management. Yet, have you ever wondered what life is like on the other side… Read more »


Up in the Clouds: Tech Solutions for States

“We reduce their costs and improve their performance” – Tom Ruff At the end of the day, state and local budgets are shrinking – but demand and expectations for government services are going up. So how can state and local IT offices keep up? In GovLoop’s new guide, From the State House to the County Clerk… Read more »