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If You “Tweet” President Lincoln, Will Gov Hear You?

As we approach the 151 anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address[1], certainly one of the most significant orations ever delivered, we do well to remember the closing; the very end of the last of the ten simple and deeply moving sentences that make up the Address. In these few, memorable words, a war-weary Lincoln charges all… Read more »


Greater Open Data Use with Government

We all have our day-to-day job titles – CEO, Associate Director, Office Assistant, Mom, Dad. But there is one title we all share: Chief Data Officer. Surprised? This was a constant theme at Tuesday’s GovDelivery 8th Annual Federal Communications Summit. A panel of big data communication experts answered some important questions about open data and… Read more »


Let’s Meet — In Person

Let’s assume that, as an IT leader and decision maker, you understand the importance of clear and efficient communications. Whether with superiors, subordinates, peers, vendors, or customers, good communications are a key ingredient to your success. And you’ve probably read or heard somewhere that 93% or some similar percentage of interpersonal communications are non-verbal; that… Read more »


How Keeping a Diary Can Help You Keep Your Current Job or Get You Your Next One

I was recently asked for an up-to-date résumé (note to my employer: I wasn’t job searching) and realized I hadn’t updated it since I got my current job four years ago. I had been working hard the last four years but hadn’t been keeping track of all of the interesting things I was doing. While… Read more »

Multi-Ethnic Group of People Planning Ideas

7 Ways You Kill Creativity in Your Meeting

Do your meetings have a creative killer? Newsrooms call them “story killers,” the naysayers at meetings who repeatedly shoot down stories while unsuspecting victims are trying to generate new ideas. Creative killers assassinate ideas, breeding fear and limiting impact for hundreds, maybe even thousands. These idea deaths never get investigated and their potential never gets… Read more »

Eagle cam set up

Life in the Digital Age: Photo Essays and Images

Since early 2010 I’ve been creating photo essays and capturing and sharing images from around the world that illustrate life in the Digital Age. In addition to reflecting the latest digital trends and new applications, my goal has been to highlight some of the timeless and transitional aspects of the new era in which the… Read more »


Chatting with Uncle Sam

Oh, the joy of Labor Day Weekend. Beach? Check. BBQ? Check. Pool-side chillin’ with some bureaucrats? Ummm…I’m guessing that may not be your idea of a good time, but the significance of public engagement for government agencies cannot be overstated. Citizen inclusion, transparency, and participation all help promote a functioning democratic process and society. And… Read more »

Feedback: Are You Doing It Right?

Feedback is not easy for most people. Learning to give it constructively and receive it gracefully are two skills that can make difficult situations much less so. Getting in the habit of asking for feedback is also important. You should be soliciting feedback from your direct reports, or letting them know that you are interested… Read more »