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Stop Focusing on Vanity Metrics and Optimize the Government’s Data Centers

It has been almost five years since the federal government launched the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI). The initiative called for agencies to reduce the government’s 3,100 data centers by 40 percent. This effort was anticipated to save the federal government as much as $5 billion by 2015. However, instead of moving steadily towards achieving these… Read more »

Thwarting Cyber Threats with Advanced Secure KVM and KM Technology

One of the most under-utilized preventative measures for thwarting cyber attacks is KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switching devices. These devices allow employees in any type of business to securely switch between networks with various security levels from one desktop location. Advanced Secure KVM Switches offer superior security and data cyber threat protection by providing true data path… Read more »

James Miller, Walter Johnson Unveil FCC Internet Speed Test Tool

The Federal Communications Commission has launched a speed test application for mobile broadband networks as part of its efforts to help consumers choose wireless providers. The app for Android smartphones works to evaluate the speed and latency of mobile broadband networks, store the information in cloud environments and provide users an overview of actual network… Read more »

But Wait, There’s More!: Part II of an Interview with Pamela Wright, CINO of NARA

Innovation is one of the many buzz words floating around federal agencies. In a recent interview, Pamela Wright (CINO of NARA) shared the innovation goals of the National Archives and explained two projects that are looking to achieve those goals. As promised, below are three more goals, as well as descriptions two successful projects that… Read more »

FCN Election Results: Please Welcome The 2013 Board of Directors

Friends,Please join me in welcoming the new Board of the Federal Communicators Network for 2013. Chair: (N/A) Co-Chair: Britt Ehrhardt, NIH (functional Chair for now) Task Force Members: Linda Austin, NOAA Rachel Flagg, GSA David Hebert, USGS Yvette Grimes, IRS Larry Orluskie, DHS Sharon Randle, FSIS/USDA Moniqua L. Roberts, NIH The 2012 Board and I… Read more »