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Let’s Convert Lessons Observed into Lessons Learned

There’s a strong desire in the Federal Government to not only find innovative technologies – but to find innovative technology companies not presently doing business with the Federal Government. The Administration signaled the desire to find them and agencies, everywhere, are on the hunt. DC echoes with conversations about how to conduct market research to… Read more »

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Just What the Doctor Ordered: How To Achieve Smarter Care

Enabled by cutting-edge technology, our personal devices are increasingly interconnected and personalized. If this is the case for retail and entertainment, why should health and social care be any different? At Tuesday’s GovLoop training, Government Health and Social Care Collaboration to Control Costs and Improve Outcomes, moderated by Christopher Dorobek, we spoke with Dr. Nick… Read more »


Only Lawyers To Prosper After Epic IT Failure

What’s an early clue that your IT project is in trouble? Perhaps when “a group of … employees took a 60-day ‘retreat’ for the express purpose of articulating the project’s requirements, and they returned empty-handed”?[1] Or when you learned that critical project-related decisions were “going to be made by a group of inexperienced people, who… Read more »

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Why Information Governance Matters

Today, pretty much everything is going digital, including government information and documents. But for public agencies with outdated, hard copy records management systems, how do they handle demands to manage vast amounts of data and digitized documents? It’s no easy task, but the implementation of an effective information governance strategy is critical to agency performance…. Read more »


Is Your State Ready for the Midterms?

With midterm elections around the corner, candy and trick-or-treating aren’t the only things on the mind. People are also thinking about voting. For everyday citizens, this constitutes mulling over candidates and political parties. For state administrators, however, this involves reviewing and certifying that voting and registration systems are adequately set in place. Shortly after the… Read more »

Digital World

GovLoop Training: Information Governance Strategies in the Era of Big Data

All words ever spoken by human beings = 5 Exabytes of data. 1000 Exabytes = 1 Zetabyte. Current world data = 7.9 Zetabytes. Ponder that for a second. Data on such a vast scale is hard to fathom. Especially as it growing exponentially, estimated to reach a dumbfounding 40 Zetabytes by 2022. A much simpler… Read more »

Digital Conduit

GovLoop Training: Secure Your Network & Protect Your Agency

It’s a scary digital world out there. A recent GAO study found that cyber attacks on government have increased 782% between 2006 and 2012. With increasing amounts of sensitive data stored in your network or cloud, your agency faces risks that are not to be taken lightly. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. There are steps… Read more »


Paperless Government is Better Government

How many hours per day to you spend dealing with paper? One hour? Two hours? For many in state and local government, it can actually be upwards of six hours a day! That’s too much time dedicated to printing, filing and searching for information when you could be doing more important, mission-critical tasks. Fortunately, emerging technology… Read more »