Monthly Archives: May 2009

Obama’s cybersecurity plan

President Obama announced a cybersecurity plan on Friday, putting the issue front and center for the administration. It’s a good thing, too, because cybersecurity threats are increasing across government and the private sector. It’s become so serious that the Pentagon is initiating its own military-style cyberdefense command to help protect U.S. networks. And Obama is… Read more »

Performance Management Reporting

In my previous post I outlined a 4 step process for a successful performance management program. to recap: 1. Report performance metric data on pre-defined schedule. 2. Analyze data for troubling trends or missed targets. Operationally research root cause of problems. 3. Provide corrective action for metrics where target was missed or data is trending… Read more »

Social Portals. Why? How? When?

Should Facebook and other social portals—tools and networks designed to build social relationships and friendships be used as a primary means to formulate public policy? Are the social portals the right (and best) strategic approach to support the multiple roles and needs of government agencies — now and into the future? If we today promote… Read more »

All those who stand and wait

On 21 May 2009, APSC Commissioner, Lynelle Briggs gave a speech to the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy. Entitled All those who stand and wait—putting citizens at the centre, the speech raises some vitally important issues on open government and engagement with the public. I’d like to recommend you read the speech in full…. Read more »

How to Go From 4 to 400 LinkedIn Group Members in 4 Months

As someone who is studying the intersection of social media and generational diversity in the workforce (with an emphasis on the public and social sectors), I am intrigued by a couple key questions right now: What drives people to become engaged in social media? What are the decisive moments or key motivations that move a… Read more »


Originally published here I did a presentation last night on the work I’ve been doing with Plone and Local Government and I was asked about a term I used – OOOG. OOOG stands for Open source, Open standards, Open Government. It’s a personal standard that I use when judging the suitability of a project or… Read more »

New book – What every intranet team should know

Republished from eGovAU. Step Two Designs has released the book, What every team should know written by James Robertson. The book is designed as a ‘quick start’ for intranet teams and provides practical advice on how to plan, design, manage and grow intranets. Combining over 13 years experience in intranets and building on the free… Read more »