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A Little GovLoop 2009 Recap

2009 was a momentous year for GovLoop. I started the year on January 1st on a solo southeast roadtrip and spent a lot of time thinking through my goals and visions for GovLoop for 2009. I made a stop in Durham, North Carolina where I spent 3 hours with a fine chap named Andy Krzmarzick… Read more »

2 Paradoxical Job Tips for Contract Professionals

Sterling Whitehead maintains a blog called All Things Sterling. 1. You’re paid to do work, not to have people like you. 2. Your job is a lot easier if people like you. Find that balance. If you make friends, great. If not, it’s okay. Just make sure you are likeable because your job is a… Read more »

Gadgetry and Innovation

These may have been around for a while, but I have just recently come across them and think they are some great, novel ideas. What have you found interesting out there? Spotlight Hat, available at Lowe’s and numerous others in various designs. Pull-out advertising on a ballpoint pen, available at and numerous other sites.

Veteran Benefits 2010

I just found out from a VA rep there is NO INCREASE in VA disability/compensation for this year. How does this happen? Prices going up on everything, we are asked to do more with less, and then the government, we support, FAILS to support the Vets. How can we help stimulate the economy without the… Read more »

Is Cooperation Possible? Funding 2.0: A Model for Multi-Agency Funding for Gov 2.0 Initiatives

Certainly, I am not fantasizing magic filled utopia where happiness radiates all around and unicorns slide down rainbows into pools of blueberry jam, but let’s be realistic about the situation here. We are living in a time of shrinking budgets and disappearing funds with no relief in sight. The key is doing more with less,… Read more »

Jane & John Q. Public’s “Year-End (2009) Gov 2.0 List”

There are some great “year-end” blog posts and articles reviewing e-Gov, or government via the Internet. This year, it is mostly about Gov 2.0 — stories or benchmarks for expanding collaborative technologies of Web 2.0 across the public sector. All of these articles come from practitioners, intended for reading/discussion among other practitioners. What’s missing? How… Read more »