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New2Gov: One Site to Rule Them All

Ever since joining up with GovLoop in April I’ve continually heard gripes about .gov sites. The crazy thing is most of the complaints are uniform across the board: the search suck, it looks like crap, there is no user interface… ect. I think we are all in agreement that .gov sites as a whole aren’t… Read more »

Introduction to The Transition: From Student to Public Servant

Hello GovLoop! My name is Jessica and I am extremely excited about joining this new online community! Currently, I am a graduate student in my second (and FINAL) year of my Masters of Public Administration at the University of Delaware and with graduation quickly approaching, I have already begun to kick the wheels in motion… Read more »

Use Factoring To Finance Your Government Contracts

You may be unfamiliar with the term “factoring.” It is a commercial financing transaction where you can leverage finished work to gain badly needed working capital to grow the company and pay bills. Also known as Invoice Factoring, the benefit is in the simplicity of its mechanics. A company does work for their customer and… Read more »

CityCampSF, Oct. 16 – Sign Up Now!

Are you interested in the future of civic engagement, emerging media and Gov 2.0 innovations? CityCampSF, Saturday, October 16, 9 to 6, is an unconference where we will: Bring together municipal employees, experts, programmers, designers, citizens and journalists to share perspectives and insights about San Francisco and the Bay Area cities in which we live… Read more »

“You Will Be Dazzled By What Is Offered” – Lobby Comply Blog on GovLoop

It’s always nice to get recognized by peers in the industry and the Lobby Comply Blog featured GovLoop as its “Site of the Week.” A couple excerpts: Rich with information on the intersection between government and the latest of social media, you will be dazzled by what is offered: a Government-Related Twitter Hashtags Directory; a… Read more »

From Public Servant to Public Insurgent

Cross posted from Are you a public insurgent? Today, a generation of young people are arriving into the public service familiar with all sorts of tools – especially online and social media driven tools – that they have become accustomed to using. Tools like wikis, survey monkeys, doodle, instant messaging or websites like wikipedia,… Read more »

Are you ready for some PMF?

I’ve totally forgotten how busy the school year can be. It’s already been non- stop and its not yet October. Speaking of October, the PMF application will be available from October 1-15th. I’m getting ready to open up that application and get working on it this weekend and next week. Compared to last year, there… Read more »

10 reasons why online social media are critical to democratic governance (pt.1)

The Web has transformed and continues to transform how government serves and relates to its citizenry. With the spread of broadband internet access now in 66% of American homes according to the Pew Research Center, some futurists have predicted that without access to the web, citizens may eventually lose touch entirely with the ability to… Read more »