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How to Train the Young of Today and Tomorrow

I never thought I’d admit to this, but I have discovered this, believe it or not, in the college English writing class that I teach. It is almost as if the students don’t have a real sense of the past. They cling to the here and now that technology is what makes life civilized and… Read more »

Welcome to The Real World of Subliminal Training

It’s either by subliminal messaging or by “osmosis” that students or trainees learn on their own; there, it makes sense that we should tap into that impulse in the classroom if we can. Some of us are doing it already. Those are the teachers or trainers who seem to be so in sync with the… Read more »

Strange Police Calls From 2012

The listing of police calls contained in the weekly Bee Newspapers in Western New York can be quite interesting. It is amazing what people will call the police for and what crazy situations people get themselves into. The Bee Newspaper published there best of the police blotter calls for 2012. My top favorites follow. Which… Read more »

Good FOIA Gone Bad

When I saw the map of gun owners printed online by a publication owned by The Gannett Company and the public reaction, I thought of my last supervisor. He was a wise man with whom I could discuss any idea without fear of ridicule or repercussion. When the ideas were good, he would fully support… Read more »

The DOD caught with its Pants down – A Revolution in Risk Assessment needed?

The DOD caught with its Pants down – A Revolution in Risk Assessment needed? It seems to have passed commentators by, but the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently uncovered a major under-reporting of risk at the Department of Defense. (see Figure 1 below).1 The GAO’s recommendations read like a school report: the DOD should… Read more »

Hurricane: Preparedness and Response Training

There’s a little known secret out there among emergency professionals – FEMA has an awesome training facility in Emmitsburg, Maryland where public works professionals working in local government can get free, high-quality emergency response training. In July of this year, I was fortunate enough to attend a week of training there and plan to share… Read more »

Addicted To Your Own Misery?

Image by Lisa Jacobs via Wikipedia The gift of a movie is that it lets you live someone else’s life. Learn from their experiences, often sorrowful, without having to live them. “Paradise Now” is out on Netflix. In a very matter-of-fact, wryly sarcastic, but empathetic way, it shows you how two ordinary young Palestinian men… Read more »

How Much Credit Do You Have to Give?

This is the horse and the hound and the horn, That belonged to the farmer sowing his corn, That kept the cock that crowed in the morn, That waked the priest all shaven and shorn, That married the man all tattered and torn, That kissed the maiden all forlorn, That milked the cow with the… Read more »