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Are “Concerned Employees” Destroying Your Brand?

You think your reputation is excellent. After all: Your recruitment video is top-notch. Your “brand ambassadors” are the best on campus. Your marketing materials are beyond compare. But your news coverage is kind of…pesky. Employees “talking trash,” who never took their case to you before “spilling it.” Consider these examples: The U.S. Customs and BorderRead… Read more »

The Zombie Effect

  Sometimes I wonder why good people suffer so in organizational life. For example: Messengers of doom are punished or ignored rather than rewarded. Computer glitches, safety lapses, ineffective leadership; employees who show every sign of endangering the workplace. All of these are routinely reported by attentive people, and frequently just as swiftly disregarded. StrategicRead… Read more »

Here’s To Fy15, with 5 Hard-Learned Lessons

Every year on October 1st the Federal performance cycle resets itself. Combined with the Jewish High Holidays (Yom Kippur and the accompanying fast just ended) the amount of navel-gazing can literally make your stomach hurt, as well as your eyes. But it also helps you to grow. So, here’s to distilling some simple things-you-already-knew fromRead… Read more »

15 Things Employees Want From Their Managers

1.   Consistency / follow established processes 2.   Integrity 3.   Empathy 4.   Action (not just talk) 5.   Followup 6.  Communication about what affects them / resources where needed / help prioritizing and eliminating busywork /deconflicting areas of confusion 7.   Detail orientation 8.   Technical proficiency 9.    Reliability 10.  Read… Read more »