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Why Leadership Cannot Be Deferred, Distributed or Delegated

“Moses,” said G-d, a few thousand years ago. “What?” “I need you to abandon your solitary existence and peaceful life, confront Pharoah, and liberate your brothers and sisters, the broken and enslaved Jews. Get them out of Egypt. Now.” “Are you kidding, G-d?” Moses reportedly said. “What’s the problem?” “I’ve got a speech impairment,” said Moses. “YouRead… Read more »

(Your Job Is To) Follow The Conversation

In the age of the empowered citizen, the age of trying to “control the conversation” is over. Well over. It’s taken us a long time to actually get that memo, and some of us are still processing the digital ink it’s printed on. What it means. Instead, there’s still a lot of focus on “brand-building”. Where a message is transmitted,Read… Read more »

How To Respond To Your Opponents

There are two ways to deal with anti-brand communities, or simply opponents. 1. Negative Ignore – don’t respond in any way Respond – sharply and directly take them on – e.g., argue point by point why they are incorrect Attack – e.g. go further than #2 – try to take them down, through threat, marginalization,Read… Read more »

What Saves Us

“Life sucks and then you die” was a popular saying when I was younger, and from what I can tell that saying still holds true today. My father-in-law, may he rest in peace, used to put it this way: “The chances are only one in a million of something going wrong, but then again thereRead… Read more »

Nobody Is Ever Ready

When I was five years old my mother announced we were moving. “Pack your things,” she said. I had just walked in the door and was sweating. “What?” Dizzy, the feeling of falling. Raggedy Ann hung wearily off the windowsill. “Daddy got another job, and we are leaving for Ohio. No time.” We moved around pretty frequently inRead… Read more »