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The Job Interview Mating Dance

There are few things in life more painful than a job interview. Except, perhaps, dating. There are also few things more shameful. Right? It’s not something you want to talk about. The screw-ups, the flubs, the asinine mistakes that everyone makes but which feel totally unique to your sorry ass. In a nod to theRead… Read more »

Please, Save Us From Your TMI

“I used to live near the Gowanus Expressway, do you know where that is?” “No.” “It’s pronounced GO-WAH-NUS.” “No kidding.” “I was going through a really tough time back then. I was poor.” “I’m sorry. I…” “Now I’m successful. REALLY successful.” “Yeah? Hey listen, I’ve got to go check on that – ” “I meanRead… Read more »

You Have No Choice – You Must Run Your Marathon

“People are as individual as snowflakes, they kinda look alike but no two are the exactly the same, and all classification is the root of prejudice.” ― Craig Ferguson, host, “The Late Late Show“ I’ve been a creative as long as I can remember. Writing, photography, slideshows, web, social media, fashion design, PR, writing for magazines,Read… Read more »

12 Social Media Trends For 2015

The other night I gave a talk in my personal capacity (not as a representative of the National Archives, or the U.S. government) for the University of Maryland University College MBA program, which was kindly hosted by UMD’s Universities at Shady Grove. The video is now available here. It’s an hour-long webcast; you’ll see me answeringRead… Read more »

That iPhone Under The Desk May Be Telling You Something

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is now the most prevalent psychiatric illness of young people in America, affecting 11 percent of them at some point between the ages of 4 and 17…. you may wonder whether something that affects so many people can really be a disease. – Richard A. Friedman, “A Natural Fix for ADHD,” The NewRead… Read more »