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Pushing the Government Send Button – Risk in the face of social media

t has been fascinating to watch governments – particularly in Canada – grapple with the risk paradigm. The worry is all too real, unfortunately, that interacting and sharing of their expertise and experience could land a leader on the front fold of the newspaper or silently put a clerk or policy analyst into a box.Read… Read more »

Our Top 5 crowdsourcing opportunities for government…what are yours?

As we enter into what we know will be a tremendously exciting perhaps even game-changing year for social media in government, we thought about what were the top 5 crowdsourcing opportunities for the Canadian federal government. Part of the challenge in sorting through just 5 is that we have about 5,000. (Note for those unfamiliarRead… Read more »

For the Canadian Federal Government…some social media catch up suggestions for 2010

Ok Canadian federal government…it is starting to look a little bleak on the social media landscape from a leadership perspective. And I certainly don’t mean that dedicated, bright, and to a certain degree brave set of leaders who have been eschewing the value of social media in government for some time now. I am talkingRead… Read more »