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NIST Password Guidelines and Microsoft got Password Security Wrong (Part 1)

Security or convenience is no longer an acceptable trade-off when it comes to cybersecurity. They must be mutually inclusive, otherwise employees will circumvent security for their own personal convenience. NIST and Microsoft understands this to a degree, but in the latest NIST Password Guidelines SP 800-63-3 the recommendations favors password convenience over password security.

Making Passwords Secure: Missing the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity

Yes, Passwords are Secure! They are not going away; they can’t. The attacks we see daily is not a password authentication problem, but rather a password management nightmare. Has your organization put their employees into the role of Network Security Administrator? If you allow them to generate, remember, type, manage and know their logon passwordsRead… Read more »

Certificate Authentication is Vulnerable

When cracking passwords becomes as difficult as cracking keys, then passwords will be secure. When it comes to security implementations, there is a big difference between the theoretical and the practical. In the theoretical world all algorithms work flawlessly, there are no infrastructure vulnerabilities, and security protects against every attack. However, in the real worldRead… Read more »

The Similarity of Passwords to Symmetric Key

By Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO, Access Smart, LLC In a world of ever-increasing cyber-attacks, IT invests massive amounts of time, energy and money to secure corporate networks and data. Because there are no silver bullets, many different security technologies attempt to address each potential threat. With so many different vulnerability points, the first lineRead… Read more »