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Using the Force in Government

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” Actually, this is happening right here in our government. Yes, it’s true: DoD has become the new and modern Death Star! Okay, maybe not quite. But there is a super laser technology now used by the Navy, thanks to Peter Morrison, Program Officer at theRead… Read more »

How to Leave Behind a Legacy

It’s amazing how many professional insights we can gain just from a presidential transition. Last week, we discussed measuring the drapes before getting to the office and the importance of planning management and administration tactics ahead of time. This time, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the people lined up to take our placeRead… Read more »

More Than Just a Hackathon

The era of technology, creativity, and collaboration is upon us. It’s the age of the Civic Hackathon! Government has increasingly used this tool to bring young, tech savvy, and passionate professionals from all sectors to put their heads together to solve some of our nation’s toughest technological challenges. Yet recently, Colorado became one of theRead… Read more »

Measuring the Drapes Before Getting to the Office

The presidential transition is a year and a half away, and everyone is already talking about it. Who are the candidates? Who’s going to win? What policies will they bring to the table? Yet few raise the question: How will he/she actually implement the policies? What exactly does the President do when first getting toRead… Read more »