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Part 1: World Class Organizations, Are You Missing Something?

I am attending the Florida Sterling Council’s Annual Conference in Orlando next week as a Sterling Examiner going into my fourth year. Sterling is the Florida Governor’s version of the nationally recognized Malcom Baldrige Presidential program; they are not-for-profit and serve both public and private entities. Both programs are dedicated to improving the performance ofRead… Read more »

5 Actions to Rise Above the Typical Government Worker Stereotype

A quick search in Google images for ‘government worker jokes’ sheds light on an unfortunate reality. The general stereotype is that government policies promote workers that produce mediocre work and workers; they work 9-5 and not a second more, they do their job and not an iota outside their job description, and they are contentRead… Read more »

Stop Dishing Out Bad Juju by Flipping Your Inner Conflict Script

We all have to work with other people in our careers and we’re never going to get along with every single person but we can definitely take an active role in attempting to. Conflicts exist in all work places and in the public sector there are some antagonists that can lead to additional strain onRead… Read more »

A Brief Introduction to Starting an Outstanding Intern Program

There are a ton of freely available articles, blogs, how to’s, and other publications about the benefits of good internship programs so why haven’t you started one yet? A need has been identified. In another blog post on Donna Dyer describes that 20% of interns graduating in 2014 wanted to intern in government. ThisRead… Read more »

5 Ways to Get More Out of your Committees

Are you an active participant on a committee or are you waiting to be spoon fed? IE are you contributing to the goal or just creating more work for the person who was assigned to hold the spoon? George, Sally, Henry, Heather, and Mike are all on an employee recognition committee.  Heather works in HRRead… Read more »