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“Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit”

This nontechnical riddle took me a while to figure out. This saying floats around in the halls and offices of every building. For me, it resounds on all occasions when I have met with management. Agencies’ management is whipsawed between necessary compromise to face budget cuts and changing priorities at the same time. Compromise, in… Read more »


For Love or Money?

The other day, while I was thinking about what to write for this week’s post, I got to thinking about the rise of reality television. I was pretty young when it started…but it has become a pretty big part of popular culture. One of the more peculiar reality shows I remember was one that was… Read more »


How to Bounce Back from Failure

Nobody likes to fail, but it’s only by dizzying leaps of faith that test your skills (and your character) that we can grow as humans. And sometimes? Sometimes we miss the mark. Some risks backfire embarrassingly, while others backfire so spectacularly you might be fooled into thinking you’ll never recover. (But you will!) If you’ve… Read more »


What My Favorite Author Told Me and Why It’s (Half) Bad Advice

As someone who writes stories for a living, I spend a good share of my time reading them. These days, my reading time is mostly spent among news articles and opinion pieces so I can sharpen my skills in technical writing and see how personal and technical writing styles have merged thanks to digital spaces like Medium. Even if… Read more »


Ready to Quit? Try Fixing Your Job First

It’s one of those weeks – maybe one of those months – when you’re so overwhelmed and frustrated with work than you can barely see straight. Your inbox is swamped with inane requests, your boss just gave you a passive aggressive review, and if your coworker leaves her empty soda cans in the sink one more time… Read more »