10 Success Traits You Can Adopt In 10 Minutes

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1. Return calls immediately.

2. Treat everyone with the same amount of respect.

3. Dress more formally than you think you need to.

4. Work harder than everybody else.

5. Follow through on the details.

6. Laugh at yourself – lose the ego.

7. Praise someone else – boost them up.

8. Make life easier for your customers, and your #1 customer is your boss.

9. Focus on solving the problem, and that’s it.

10. Communicate to people in their preferred manner.

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Profile Photo Scott Kearby

“Oh, if only to do were as easy as to know what to do.” William Shakespeare,The Merchant of Venice

but as Yoda says … “do or do not, there is no try”

A good list for the new year & I can get started a month early! Thanks

Profile Photo Terrence Hill

#1 – I would add e-mails and IM/texts too.

#2 – Treat everyone like an SES/General.

#3 – Sad, but true. Personnally, I don’t judge based on dress.

#8 – I know what you saying, but I have to say that it should be the reverse.

Great use of 10 minutes!

Profile Photo Amelia Brunelle

What I wouldn’t do to work in an environment where #1 and #10 worked in concert effectively. Wouldn’t that make a world of difference in the day to day? I’ll make more effort to do my part to enact it, and encourage it in return.

Profile Photo David B. Grinberg

Nice post, as usual, Dannielle. Quick question:

Do you think there’s any inherent contradiction between 3 and 6 in term of perception? Specifically, if one’s workplace dress code is generally informal — most men don’t wear suits and ties, a few even wear jeans — than might one be perceived as egotistical or arrogant by wearing Brooks Brothers suits, for example? You know that saying, “When in Rome…”

Might some co-workers think, “Who the heck does this guy think he is, the head of the agency?” Ditto for women and their fashion choices — like high heels and a pant suit versus jeans and flats?

I agree that in most circumstances employees should dress for the job they aspire to have. Nevertheless, as you know, perception is often reality, especially in the DC-area. Thus, might one alienate co-workers and colleagues — not to mention one’s supervisor — by over-dressing?

Curious to hear your take. Thanks!


Profile Photo Dannielle Blumenthal

Good point. It’s really about effort. Fit in, but stand out. Study the group like an anthropologist. Status symbols vary. Look at the high level people and adopt their approach. Hope this helps.

Profile Photo AJ Malik

Excellent express post, Dannielle, especially #6. Ego is entirely self-induced and manifests itself as verbal and non-verbal noise that complicates, if not hinders, effective communicating and collaborating. It ALWAYS gets in the way.

Profile Photo Dannielle Blumenthal

That is a great graphic. It is so true. When you have an ego you literally cannot think straight. Nothing gets past that mental filter of “what will people think?” without some distortion. Excellent.

Thanks everyone for all the comments.

Profile Photo Heather Coleman

Great quick list to reference. I especially am in favor of:

#5 – Follow through on the details

#6 – Laugh at yourself – lose the ego

#7 – Praise someone else – boost them up (and I would add this is especially important in social media)

Thanks for sharing!