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EPP Class Day 1 – Kansas City

We are off to a great start for this week’s Executive Potential Program training. We started off the morning with Ms. Rebecca Hensel from the KC Convention and Visotirs Bureau to tell us about the area we are in. We then listened to Mayor Mark Funkhouser talk about leadership and government. Then Cindy Hillman from the Federal Executive Board brought us a lot of information about the FEB. I didn’t know that the Federal work force was the largest workforce in Kansas City. Was also surprised to see the number of folks in this group that live/work in an area without a FEB. So far, a lot of questions from the EPP group and the speakers have been very responsive. Only 2 1/2 hours in to this and already learning a LOT!

An interesting note… The FEB is working with a lot of agencies concerning the teleworking issue. My agency does allow teleworking. With the H1N1 issues and other factors, I’m surprised that agencies don’t buy in to this. I’d like to know what your views on this topic are. Any takers?

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Profile Photo Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks for the post, Mary. There’s a great Telework group here on GovLoop with 88 members that is engaging in dialogue and sharing valuable resources. You may want to spark a discussion about telework there! I’d love to see if there are GovLoop members from KC that could give you some recommendations for places to find some great BBQ! 🙂