EPP – Nearing the end and a new beginning

Wow.. this past year has been quite the roller-coaster ride full of great experiences. SES interviews, developmental assignments, a team project, and so much more. While I still have a couple of deliverables to finish up before the March 12th deadline, I will have everything done on time. I would like to be able to tell everyone about my favorite part of this program, but there has not been any one favorite part. My least favorite part is all the report writing. I don’t mind writing, it was just my least favorite part! And, I still have 2 reports to write!!

What I have found most interesting through this journey is the contrast between leadership styles and thought processes among the SES’s I interviewed. Is this a bad thing? No!! These contrasts are important and we should welcome them. They generate questions and more questions so that decisions can be made with the information they have. True collaboration. And while it is not all perfect, which most of them I interviewed openly admitted to, it is what it is and it’s what we have to work with.

What I found the most difficult during this time is letting go of my regular day-to-day job while on the developmental assignments. I wonder if others have had to deal with that same issue. Once I find a comfort zone with that, I think I will be ready for that new beginning.

I’m currently on the last few days of my second developmental assignment then on to SES shadowing. Yay!

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