How Tech Innovation Can Eliminate Your Federal Hiring Bottlenecks

In our last blog, we conveyed the rising sense of urgency within the public sector to reduce the time it takes to hire talent. Many positions are taking up to 180 days to fill. Now, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is strongly urging federal agencies to get that number of days down to 80.

What’s at stake? There’s productivity of course, as unfilled slots amount to 100 percent downtime. And then there’s the prospect of losing very good people to private industry, which moves at a faster pace. If good applicants have to go through a hiring process for a federal job that lasts 100, 150 or more days, what’s to stop them from seeking a non-government employer?

As we’ve discussed, part of the problem is generally positioned as the lengthy federal application process. But we need to be asking “why?” Why are my hiring processes taking so long? Isn’t the core issue the lack of the widespread deployment of readily available technology solutions? Solutions that can deliver meaningful insights into your federal hiring practices to enable you to dramatically reduce the number of days it takes to hire.

Our cloud-based solutions, for example, can do a great many things – but let’s keep it simple. What our solutions can do is enable government organizations to understand how long it is taking to move through each step of the Federal hiring process. They can allow you to “drill down” instantly into what stage your applicants are within the process and whether any one particular phase is the source of multiple bottlenecks. You can even get an immediate read on how to eliminate these bottlenecks.

Our solutions can help align hiring efforts with the “continuous improvement” principles. We’ll sit down with you, side-by-side, and go over the dashboard data. We’ll take a hard look at, say, a figure that shows that applicants are held up for an average of 25 days at one step of the process and explore why that particular phase is taking so long: What’s creating the bottleneck? How can we remove it? Can we come up with a way to shave five days off the 25? Or 10?

Through our solutions and expertise, we’ve helped so many government agencies in Australia condense their recruitment time, to the point where we now command a 95 percent share of that market.

What’s key is having a system in place that can readily deliver the information about your federal hiring process. Because being able to see the “big picture” – as well as all the little pictures that come together to form it – gets you more than halfway to the point where you can reduce time to hire and become more competitive when seeking talent. If you’d like to find out more, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

Mike Giuffrida is co-founder/CEO of NGA.NET and NGA.NET North America.

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