My Cup of IT – Alan Greenspan – CIO ♥ CFO

By Steve O’Keeffe

Tech is Uncle Sam’s Rodney Dangerfield – we don’t get no respect. Why? We know the budget of everything and the cost for nothing – how is it the Department of Energy doesn’t know its electricity bill? Truth is, IT’s techno babble and messy metrics turn off CFOs.

We already get $80 billion each year – so who cares, right? Well, Mr. Kundra should. OMB promises huge IT cost savings. But, here’s the cloud and data center consolidation secret – getting to savings will require investment, transformation isn’t free. Unfortunately, IT keeps striking out with finance – see verse one. So how can IT get a date with CFOs to make the business case?

Now, I’m no expert on finance, but I do know a little about dating. Here are three tips:

  • Mingle: Hang out where CFOs congregate
  • Listen: Work out what CFOs want
  • Behave: Learn to talk the talk and walk the walk

So, here’s your chance to make the right connection. MeriTalk will host Dr. Alan Greenspan as our morning keynote speaker for Innovation Nation on August 23 at the D.C. Convention Center. The conference program focuses on the business case for innovation in the most disruptive areas of IT – cloud, data center, cyber security, and open source. Register today. What CFO could resist hearing from Dr. Greenspan? Now it’s up to the IT community to ask for a dance…

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