My Cup of IT: Data Center Comedy

By Steve O’Keeffe —

Who thought that DCC stood for Data Center Comedy? Nothing humorous about FDCCI – well, I beg to differ.
Meet Data Center Dave. He’s MeriTalk’s newest creation – shorter and funnier than the Cloudboys. Dave is the Federal Data Center manager.
Dave feels like everyone’s out to shut him down – and he can’t work out if he’s really a data center or not because OMB keeps changing the definitions.
He’s taking up levitation because he feels floating in the air is easier than trying to cut the number of data centers while keeping all applications up and running.
Keep an eye out for more of Data Center Dave’s antics. More consolidation clowning on the way.
And, if you don’t think Data Center Dave’s funny, check out OMB’s FDCCI survey. Seems OMB already hired an analyst firm to quiz the agency data center leads. The punch line here – the survey’s so far out of touch with the market, Federal data center leads have no idea how to answer the questions. A number of the leads, frustrated and scratching their heads, have forwarded the study to the Data Center Exchange.
Will be curious to see if OMB makes the results public – and how this expenditure actually helps FDCCI? Why is OMB paying for services when the Data Center Exchange and others offer more-in-touch services for free? Why is GSA building its own Data Center Consolidation Cookbook, when the MeriTalk Data Center Exchange worked with agency leads to publish a Data Center Cookbook six months ago – and offered to share it with GSA at no cost?
I’m laughing so hard I’m crying…
But, let’s wipe away the tears. We’re taking Data Center Dave and the Data Center Cookbook on the road at the upcoming GITEC and Uptime Institute conferences. And, mark your calendar for the Data Center Brainstorm on June 19. The Army’s data center lead delivers the morning keynote. Then sessions on chargeback, energy, and RoI. All the Federal data center leaders under one roof. focused, in touch discussion to make things better. Nothing to laugh about here…

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