My Cup of IT: Data Center Decisions

By Steve O’Keeffe

As part of its data center decimation initiative, OMB lopped 137 off the server-farm census last week. There are many hard questions and decisions on the road ahead for the Federal data center community…

Did OMB’s cuts take the total population from 2094 to 1957? Were these soft targets – word is many were antiques and server closets? What’s the strategic path ahead for cutting closer to the bone – and what’s the support infrastructure for Federal data center leads facing tough decisions? How can government and industry dialogue and exchange best practices?

Working together with GSA and NIST, MeriTalk established a new public-private collaboration platform – the MeriTalk Data Center Exchange – DCX. Launched three months ago, the exchange brings together Federal data center leads and industry experts to talk about the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, such as:

  • How do you measure savings?
  • How do you cut power costs if you don’t see the electricity bill?
  • How do you access best practices across government?
  • How to operationalize Open Table?
  • How do you compare service levels and pricing before and after consolidation?
  • What about lessons from private-sector consolidation?
  • How do you make the connection between consolidation and cloud?

The DCX is working on these and other initiatives – as directed by the community. Working groups building a best-practices cookbook. Developers working on a transactional portal – think eBay for data center space. We invite you to participate in the debate – help the government make better decisions by raising your voice at the MeriTalk Data Center on a Dime conference, May 19 at the Ronald Reagan Building.

Join Sonny Bhagowalia, the government-wide data center lead at GSA; as well as Bernard Mazer, CIO, Department of Interior and co-lead for data center consolidation on the CIO Council; for a lively debate on making sense of the mandate and measuring success. Don’t miss sessions packed with Uncle Sam’s data center consolidation all-stars, including leads from Army, DHS, Energy, FAA, NASA, NRC, State, and VA.

And, mark your calendar for the next meeting of the DCX, co-located at Innovation Nation at the D.C. Convention Center on August 23. Sure, there are many difficult decisions on the road ahead for Federal data center consolidation. Whether or not to participate in the new exchange is not one of them. Space at the MeriTalk Data Center on a Dime conference is limited. We don’t have 2094 spots – register now to make sure you don’t get cut from the list…

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