My Cup of IT: Horse Built By Subcommittee?

By Steve O’Keeffe http://bit.ly/e21yZ5

I’m a simple fellow. I’m easily confused. I’m easily distracted. When I read OMB’s 25-Point Plan to fix Fed IT my head hurt. 25 points. All with associated deadlines. The Almighty himself only had 10 – and no deadlines. Honor Thy Father and Mother – in six months. You Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Your Neighbor – in 18 months. Is OMB really committing to all these deadlines?

Just before Paddy’s day we launched a survey of the Fed IT community. What do you make of the 25-Point Plan? How would you rate each point by desirability and doability? 269 of you took the survey – thank you. In today’s Senate Subcommittee hearing, MeriTalk released the Join the Dots: A Point-by-Point Perspective on the 25-Point Plan report. You can read my testimony here and watch the Webcast here.

The net, the community feels all points are desirable, but questions doability. Govies are less optimistic about doability than industry. As you see from the study scattergrams, all points in the plan aren’t equal. The evolutionary stuff scores highest – IT program management career path – the revolutionary stuff lowest – Cloud First. Data center consolidation hits in the middle of the pack. The government-wide data center marketplace fairs poorly.
Fed IT pros estimate data center consolidation and cloud can deliver $14 billion in efficiency savings. Cloud and data center consolidation are the brains and stomach of the 25-Point Plan. OMB should focus on these initiatives.
OMB is asking for $25 million to fund program management and initiatives to fix Federal IT. With an I in pennies and an R in $10s and $20s, Congress needs to fund this program – the American tax payer will never get different results if Congress doesn’t provide for new initiatives. To make it work, we need to ask OMB to embrace the three Cs:
– Consolidate: Less is more
– Connect: Expand outreach and education to Fed IT leaders
– Calibrate: Measure performance – and hold executives accountable for positive and negative outcomes

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