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My Cup of IT: Powder Room Parlay?

By Steve O’Keeffe — http://bit.ly/z9Es9Q

Webster defines mobility as capable of moving or being moved. A new study, “IT in the Toilet” released last week by 11mark, a new sister organization of MeriTalk, provides a new “voice” for the IT mobility story.
Now, for anybody that’s used a public restroom in the past year, there’s no epiphany here – pardon the Martin Luther reference. According to the study, three out of four Americans use their phone in the potty. Aren’t we all waiting for the Verizon “Can You Hear Me Now?” ad?
Okay, so no shocker that mobile is enabling powder room parlays, but the study flushes up some interesting insights on America’s current calling plan.
Ladies First – Men @ Work
I was surprised to learn women are the least – or perhaps most – toilet trained. Seventy-six percent of gals versus 75 percent of fellas ‘fess up to potty talk. Sixty-three percent of ladies have answered calls – and 41 percent have initiated calls from the pew. Sixty-seven percent have read a text and 38 percent have surfed the internet. Oh, and men work more from the khazi – 20 percent of fellas have taken a work call “pants free,” compared to 13 percent of women.
Shocker – Generation Y has its head in the toilet – 91 percent connect from the can. But, age is no defense. Eighty percent of Gen X, 65 percent of Boomers, and 47 percent of the Silent Generation engage in porcelain prattle. Guess this opens new doors for AARP marketing.
And, as the marketers will tell you, not all phones are alike. Androiders log the heaviest use – 87 percent droid a-la-commode. Next in line, the BlackBerry thumb at 84 percent. Bringing up the rear, the road Apples. Fully 10 percent fewer iPhoners “tin can” from the can. Butt, I mean but, true to the RIM’s power-user reputation, the Berry wipes the floor with other devices on responsiveness. Seventy-five percent of crackers have answered a call while answering the call of nature – versus 67 and 60 percent of Droid and iPhone users, respectively.
All A-Twitter
The 11mark study’s really caught America’s attention. Five hundred online/print articles and approximately 250 broadcast placements since January 30. Harry Potter and Kelly Ripa bantered about IT in the Toilet on Live! With Kelly. NPR featured a humorous segment about the study. And, it’s really keeping the social media occupied – thousands of shares on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. @mashable tweeted about the study to its nearly three million followers. The coverage has driven website traffic from all across the globe.
A couple of takeaways from the study. Number one – there’s pretty much no place on this green earth that’s not IT enabled. Number two – well, I just had to put in a number two, couldn’t resist. I leave you with these questions. Is any call really that important that you need to take it with your pants around your ankles? Do we need to do something about this, or will mobile video wipe out the problem?
Doesn’t this give a whole new meaning to the term dropped call? Oh, and before you ask, no, I didn’t write this in the bathroom.

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