My Cup of IT: Qaddafi and Data Center Consolidation

By Steve O’Keeffe –

Why did Moammar Qaddafi stop at colonel? Idi Amin’s appetite wasn’t sated with field marshal – yum, yum – he went all the way to King of Scotland. So why didn’t Libya’s favorite larcenist make brigadier general?

Now, those are good questions – but there are some rich riddles in Fed IT too. A recent MeriTalk study – the Consolidation Conundrum report – highlights Federal data center consolidation – DCC – disconnects. Nobody doubts data volumes will climb steeply. Cloud’s placing the data center in the hot seat as agencies consolidate their digital dynamos. So, how are we supposed to manage more data with less data centers?
The answer – audit, rationalize apps, automate, and design for higher performance – while cutting power consumption. See the DCC Cookbook. And, speaking of Libya, data centers, and revolutions, that brings me to the theme for our September 13 Fabric of the Future – Supporting the Federal Data Center Revolution at the Willard. Hear from government and industry. Speakers include Ron Ross of NIST, Pradeep Sindhu of Juniper, Johnny Barnes of IBM, Matt McCarthy of Dell Data Center Solutions, and Andy Ingram of Juniper. And, as if that’s not enough, we’re presenting the $50,000 check to the winner of the Merit Awards at 2 p.m. at the summit. The best idea to revolutionize government performance. Register today.
Interested to see if the rebels catch the colonel by the summit. May be he’ll explain his rank in life? Understand that the rebels sold his peaked cap on eBay last week. Now that’s taking the “lid” off of data center consolidation…

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