My Cup of IT: The Fed 100 et al…

By Steve O’Keeffe

As bikini season draws near, some new and eye catching vital statistics from last week. The e-Gov diet – Congress short-changed the e-Gov fund, just $8 million against a $34 million ask. Vivek Kundra outed the data center uglies – “duglies” – the 100 data centers picked for closure. The digital BRAC begins.

And, if you don’t fancy your chances in swimwear, try cloud chic. Master cloud designer Kundra announced that all agencies met their curtain call for Cloud First – OMB now has 75 new target cloud programs readying for the catwalk. If your fear of giving up control of your data is keeping you from getting into IT’s latest duds, Kundra’s looking to assuage your anxiety. He noted 4,700 Federal IT systems are now outsourced – so we’re already naked..? And, if the promise of secure cloud doesn’t turn your head, consider the alternative. GAO reports some 600 distinct HR systems in the Federal government – costing Uncle Sam $2.9 billion. Uncle Sam’s asking – do those HR numbers make my butt look big?

So, what does all this mean?
First, e-Gov funding. Word is that the annual price tag for is $6.75 million – and it’s required by law. Not much lettuce for other programs. Is this the end of the IT dashboard et al? What role for the future of the e-Gov office at GSA? And, if e-Gov gets the cold shoulder, what chance for the 25-Point Plan without funding?
Second, does anybody know which data centers made the Fed 100 this year? How many from what agencies will be BRAC’d? What were the judging criteria? How much will we save – and when will Uncle Sam pull the plug on the duglies?
Last, when will OMB make the Cloud First programs public? It’ll be interesting to see how strong the security is around the list. Curious to know who signed off on these programs at the agencies – CIO, CFO, CISO? Is there a budget for each engagement, timeline for completion, and budget projection impact in terms of target savings? Also interested to see how they will interface with FedRAMP.
New data. New questions. A new take on the Fed 100. We’ll examine this and more at MeriTalk Innovation Nation on August 23 at the D.C. Convention Center – register today. Pass the sunscreen – it’s going to get hot in D.C. this summer.

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