My Cup of IT: WikiLeaks and the Data Center Crunch

By: Steve O’Keeffe – http://bit.ly/gM8OGm

Gaddafis prefer blondes, the Yemeni president has a yen for good whiskey – no wonder they call it “ya man” – and the Saudis are mad at Ahmadinejad. Julian Assange and his cohorts at WikiLeaks put a new spin on open government. This stuff makes TSA molesting at the airport seem downright civilized. But, 200,000 pages and 200 cups of coffee in, I still can’t find a definitive read on Uncle Sam’s data centers count.

A recent MeriTalk Study – Federal Data Center Addiction – opened a new can of worms on the data center crunch. The survey, conducted this September – right before OMB found the additional 1,000 data centers – showed agencies project big numbers in data center savings, but that Feds are at sixes and sevens on the path forward. IT pros predict the crunch will empower their agencies to save nearly one-third of their data center budgets – $14.6 billion. There is motion – more than half said they have successfully consolidated some data centers. But, many are not moving quickly enough to meet OMB’s deadlines – figures at odds with OMB’s report card. And, while agencies’ grading of OMB’s data center consolidation guidance is improving, Feds say the teacher can do a lot better. Just 38 percent give OMB an A or B for its data center consolidation guidance – up from 30 percent in MeriTalk’s Data Center Demolition Derby study released in June of this year.

So, net it out, do Feds think data center consolidation will work as OMB specified? Well, the jury is out. Just 33 percent of respondents say yes – the rest say no, or are unsure. Not great news for Messrs. Kundra, Spires, and Duffy. But on the bright side, yes votes are up from just 12 percent in the June study.

Interesting new information at a time when the Senate Appropriations Committee recently kyboshed OMB’s new ask for data center consolidation funding due to lack of Federal guidance on the crunch. Rumor has it, there’ll be a Senate hearing next year – but let’s not leak that to the press.

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