New Cloud Study – Feds On Par With Industry?

On Tuesday the Merlin Federal Cloud Initiative released the “2009 Cloud Consensus Report – Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth” study, which reveals that though cloud computing is considered the hot technology topic today, neither the private nor the public sectors have a clear under standing of what cloud computing fully encompasses. Further, the report finds that:
Ø Only 13 percent of private and public sector IT executives report that their organization or agency is using cloud computing; however, 44 percent are using applications that rely on the cloud
Ø 90 percent of agencies and organizations that have implemented cloud computing report that their implementations were successful
Ø 63 percent of government and industry executives believe cloud computing is the key to reducing their IT expenses
Ø Security and privacy concerns are the biggest barriers for cloud computing

The full report gives context to where industry and government is today with regard to cloud computing, and touches on what’s stalling the Federal cloud transition. Check out the full report at

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Profile Photo Allen Sheaprd

Hi. Thanks for the post. I agree that we want success stories. On one hand cloud computing can help during a disaster like Katrina or a dirty bomb because data and processing are stored remotely.
On the other hand local governments are not suppose to shut down. If a city said “Our 9-1-1 system will be hosted remotely by another company and we are relying on our ISP and other companies for connections” it would not go over well.
Cloud computing is not another name for the internet.
So G-Mail is considered cloud computing – ahhh.
When you say “Reduced cost” it looks like renting which is often more expensive than a purchase.

Still some good facts. Also, cloud computing allows departments to use computer systems for temporary projects or one time efforts which are good for “pay as you go” contracts.