Shutdown Got You Down? Get Up!

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Remember this moment in the original Karate Kid? The look on Daniel’s face when he faced his fear and found his inner strength?

Once he was confident, focused and sure, he could do anything.

Don’t let the negative stuff about the shutdown get you down. We don’t know what is going to happen. Find your strength, now.

They write scary headlines to sell papers or web clicks – “It’s looking bad,” “There’s no averting it” – “Time for the blame game.”

But they don’t write about the govies who are doing everything to keep the trains running on time. Who don’t even talk about the possibility of stopping work. Not because we’re scared. But because we’re here to do a job, and no bad headline is going to stop us.

I looked around today, another 100 mile per hour day, and I saw my colleagues working just as fast. To get things orderly and taken care of. They don’t shout but they are damn tough. Resolute. Smiling and with good humor.

They may shut the government down, for a time. But we are not going anywhere.

Happy to serve. Proud to be chosen. Grateful for the opportunity. Glad to be one of the team.

Go govies. Govies ROCK!

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Shelly Nuessle

Except for the required contingency planning, we are still operating at speed. It does get a little exhausting, moving from “who’s essential” to “get ‘r done”. but I have so much on my plate, I can’t stop until someone tells me too.

Marie Anita Brooks

come in or come in, no biggy; only dilemna is travel or don’t travel for a certifcation board this weekend. issues and hurdles are meant to go through, around or over.

Profile Photo Sharon Roney

Just a small reminder, there are some Govloop members that work for State and Local governments. We will still be plugging away, rooting for all of you Feds to be able to get back to work.

Carlos V. Roman

There is no better time than the present to re-energize, re-group and re-connect with people. Social networking websites allow you to do that.

Keep your spirits high – it will get better!

@PWAPN @CitizenRequest

Profile Photo GovLoop

Thanks Sharon. State/local is a large part of the GovLoop audience (about a third) so apologize if the shutdown info is a little fed focused. State/local knows better than anyway the difficulty of furloughts

Mark Lewack

Here are assistance web sites:

If you are retired military and can’t wait for your retirement or your spouse is military member:

Unemployment Insurance:

Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund:

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Assoc Fed’l Credit Union.: