Team 8 – phoenix8 Week Wrap-up

What an amazing week we’ve all had. We started off the week by being grouped with different folks to do a Best Practices site visit and deliverable. Team members on phoenix8 went all over the Kansas City area to learn the best practices of some very successful businesses in the Kansas City area. Some of them were: Kansas Southern Railway, Fort Leavenworth, the Sprint Center, and Garmin International. While that is not all of the businesses phoenix8 visited, that does give the reader an idea of the various businesses we visited. They all were very eager to share their success stories, some of their challenges, and what they do best.
Yesterday, phoenix8 was able to get back together to work more on the ALT project. We made great progress and turned in our deliverable for this week. Then yesterday afternoon, we visited the Hallmark Visitor Center. Hallmark Cards is headquartered in Kansas City. This morning, we are listening to Thomas Bloch, former CEO of H&R Block, now a co-founder of University Academy, a charter school in the Kansas City area. This school has amazing results with almost all graduating students going on to college. Their school also requires parent participation. Wow!!
Again, as in EPP sessions, the most important part of this week was the networking opportunities. These opportunities increased by being placed in different groups for the Best Practices visits and briefings. Networking is such a valuable thing!
We are all looking forward to the session in March, which is graduation! WhoooHooooooooo!

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