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Over the last 12 weeks I have had the privilege to broadcast a variety of my ideas on technology and organizational leadership.  This has allowed me the opportunity to solidify many concepts I have been wanting to explore and share. Through these past weeks many of you have provided me feedback on my ideas which I appreciate. Below is a recap of a few of my favorite posts.

Blog #1 – Why Some of My Best Ideas Come to Me in the Shower

It’s perhaps a cliché that many people say that their best ideas come to them in the shower. After all, the shower may be one of the last bastions for self-reflection; a place where we can put down the cell phones, computers and any other distractions and allow our brains to do something it does well. Remember when taking the necessary time to reflect on your ideas to:

  • Rule #1 – Set aside at least 15 minutes
  • Rule #2 – Find a a place to change your environment
  • Rule #3 – Get your blood flowing

Blog #3 – The Daily Standup

In the day-to-day hustle and bustle of any busy organization, there are not as many options to build rapport with your staff. Even in relatively small organizations, managers and supervisors can find themselves isolated in their offices or cubes and disconnected from their staff. While the daily standup has come from the tenants of agile software development, I have leveraged the standup as an opportunity to identify issues and risks. More importantly, it’s also an opportunity to communicate with staff about work and more personal matters. Try these steps to make a daily standup successful:

  • Get out of the ivory tower
  • Keep things “lite”
  • Make it an opportunity for praise and feedback

Blog #6 – Helicopter Management

Many of you have heard the term helicopter parenting. You may be one or be the child of one of these types of individuals. I would argue that the concept of over-inserting yourself in someone’s business is not unique to parents but is also common in the workplace. Be sure to address the following to avoid being a helicopter manager:

  • Stop because it is annoying
  • Stop because it destroys trust
  • Don’t worry- there is hope


The effort has been a blast. Thank you to you all and Govloop. Please feel free to connect with my on LinkedIn.

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Kaitlyn Baker

Thank you for all of your hard work Garrett! We’ve really appreciated having you as a part of the GovLoop Featured Contributors team these past 12 weeks!

Avatar photo Blake Martin

These are three of my favorites as well! I still laugh to myself sometimes at how technologically entrenched we’ve become that showers are the “last bastions” for reflecting without a screen or mobile device nearby as you noted. Thanks for sharing these highlights and all your contributions over the past 12 weeks!!