The Lies We Tell Ourselves

In today’s world, you could do worse than looking to Seth Godin for inspiration. He’s a marketing genius, author, new media whiz, and occasional zen master. After yesterday’s post, I think it might be time for a quick “buck up.” Something positive, something uplifting, something inspiring. And, like I said, you could do worse than Seth Godin.

Recently, Seth posted a very short blog post about lies that resonated with me. Resonated because they are lies that I’ve told myself from time to time, and lies that I hear far too often from government communicators who see the work that I and other social media folks do. Seth’s four lies are as follows:

The first lie is that you’re going to need far more talent than you were born with.

The second lie is that the people who are leading in the new connection economy got there because they have something you don’t.

The third lie is that you have to be chosen.

The fourth lie is that we’re not afraid.

I don’t have any special talent or tool that allows me to do this stuff. I plugged away and failed–sometimes spectacularly–but picked myself up again, learned from it and tried again.

Similarly, no one handed me any of the rights and responsibilities that I have now. I got here through nothing else but hard work and a willingness to embrace some new paradigm fully. I have only one quote posted to my wall at work, and I read it weekly:

If it isn’t worth risking total, complete failure over, it probably isn’t worth doing.

And as for being afraid, I’m afraid. I have a growing family and the hopes and dreams of a health department on my shoulders. Failure scares the hell out of me.

What gets me through is exactly what Seth closes his post with:

The connection economy isn’t based on steel or rails or buildings. It’s built on trust and hope and passion.

The future belongs to those that care and those that believe.

Be inspired, take a leap of faith and succeed. Or fail and make the next leap that much better. There are so many reasons to, and only one reason not to: fear. And I’ve already said that we’re all afraid, so what’s stopping you?

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