What do you think about HHS new draft social media guidelines?

HHS recently posted their draft guidelines for using Twitter and YouTube at http://www.newmedia.hhs.gov/. Just in time for Fall flu season and the likely return of H1N1.

Here’s my quick take: The guidelines may strike some as not really “getting” social media (e.g., advice to not respond to media inquiries via Twitter and potentially having each tweet approved by a manager), but definitely a huge step forward.

I’m currently conducting a study analyzing how corporate and government organizations responded to the first phase of H1N1 via social and traditional media and will have more thoughts to share on this topic in the coming months.

What do you think? HHS is asking for feedback on their social media response to the H1N1 outbreak here: http://www.newmedia.hhs.gov/comment/h1n1flu.html.

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Profile Photo Jeffrey Levy

I think HHS has a lot of good thinking in that document. I’d cut them some slack on the media inquiries thing. Not responding to reporters is one tiny piece of everything you can do, and everyone you can talk to, on Twitter.

Also, don’t assume that the policy not being 100% what you’d like means the writers don’t get it. We’re not always free to pursue what we know is best.

Profile Photo Brooke Fisher Liu

Good points! I certainly am not assuming that the writers don’t get social media. I’ve done some work recently with the Red Cross regarding their social media practices/policy and the struggles chapters face implementing them.