Debby Clark

I saw this in FedManager newsletter (FedManager.com):
Educate Yourself – Earn A Certificate In Public Leadership
August 19, 2008
If you are interested in earning a unique credential and adding distinction and prestige to your resume, consider earning a Certificate in Public Leadership. This program of study is being offered by the Brookings Institution, and is designed to equip America’s best and brightest with a solid grounding in the core competencies required to excel in 21st century leadership. Every executive education class you take will build toward your certificate.
There is no timeline or sequence for Certificate studies. You are permitted to start when you like, select your own curriculum, and finish when it suits you or when budgets allow. The Certificate in Public Leadership is open exclusively to government participants.

In order to be awarded a Certificate in Public Leadership, you must complete a total of 20 course days with Executive Education at Brookings. The curriculum includes two mandatory foundational courses (8 days total): Leading with Integrity: Ethics in Action (3 days, required for all certificate candidates); and Leadership Lab (5 days, GS 13-15) or Executive Leadership in a Changing Environment (5 days, GS 15-SES).

The remaining 12 study days can be spent at any Brookings course, including custom programs. There is no time limit or sequence for completing the 20 days of classroom learning. If you are an alumnus, any courses you have taken since 2004 will be automatically credited to your transcript.