Carlos Varona

Hi Steve/et.al., I learned about this site from my Supervisor and just think its golden! I look forward to active dialogue in hopes of attaining more knowledge of issues spanning government service. My name is Carlos Varona, and I am a Management Analyst/Deputy Installation Business Manager (GS-12) at Naval Station Rota, Spain. I’m a U.S. Navy Retiree (30 years) and have been working with civil service for 6 years.

Being overseas has been a wonderful experience but sacrificial for those interested in working their way up the ladder; primarily due to being disassociated from the core network of government service. Networking is restricted to within the fenceline and as such, there is much we overseas veterans lose out on.

I look forward to learning as much as possible during these upcoming months in hopes that I can broaden my opportunities for the future.

Thanks and Cheers,