Pete Peterson

Hey All,

I’m Pete Peterson (seriously.), and I head up the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement here at Pepperdine’s School of Public Policy, which means I have an ocean-view office (also, seriously). I am also running for Secretary of State of California.

While I do teach a class here, most of my work is outside the classroom engaged in one of 3 program areas:

1. Training: We offer training to local gov’t officials in how to improve the public processes and use technology to engage their publics.

2. Grantmaking: We have an annual “Public Engagement Grant Program” that has provided over $350K over the last 5 years in support to municipalities in order to lead better public processes (ie, hire facilitators, do better outreach, build participation web platforms).

3. Consulting: We also consult on public processes, and have been contracted by municipalities to lead town-hall forums. We also have an extensive “rolodex” of consultants that we refer in to opportunities.

Very much enjoy my work, and see governance at a unique historical moment where the relationship between our governing institutions and citizenry is fundamentally changing.