Marilyn McMillan


My name is Marilyn McMillan and I work in South Carolina state government as a Training Coordinator. I’m coming up on my 23rd year and began in administrative support. To further my career, I went back to school and got my BA in Administration and my MS in Management, which provided the means to move into my current job as an agency Training Coordinator. Like everyone in today’s government, we are currently undergoing some major restructuring and reorganizing, making my job all the more exciting as we venture towards more creative and nontraditional means of providing training. I love a good challenge, and I’m finding converting classroom training into online courses is a lot fun, especially since it tickles my artistic fancy!

In my “personal life,” I enjoy reading, writing poetry, painting, and scuba diving. All of these hobbies continue to give me great opportunities to meet some of the most interesting and amazing people. Life is indeed, good!