Hello Everybody:

I just joined this organization this morning after catching just a hint of this in our NM State employees newspaper called Round the Roundhouse. I’ve been a state employee for more than 20 years, mostly as a criminal prosecutor, but I’ve branched into administrative law and policy decision making. I’m fascinated with predictive analytics and believe there is a use for this approach in all state governmental agencies beset with budget cuts and greater service demands. While I am currently not high enough inmy agency’s hierarchy to make radical changes, I believe in starting small and using it as a model for other bigger projects. I see my role as a problem solver and apply my legal skills for that purpose.

I’ve served as a prosecutor for a local DA for 7 years; worked for a private insurance defense law firm for 1 1/2 years; went back to prosecuting insurance fraud for 8 years, prosecuted securities fraud for 4 years, served as assistant general counsel for a regulatory and licensing agency for 1 1/2 years, and am currently now serving as an administrative prosecutor and criminal prosecutor for NM Worker’s Compensation Administration. I specialize in white collar crime prosecution. With the predictable boom in health care fraud, I am interested in seeing how predictive analytics can respond to this problem. The recent CMS study and report is fascinating and I hope it will be used by our state agencies.

With this major goals, there are other inclusive goals of how to motivate staff (HR issues); how to utilize resources better, how to find and work with other governmental agencies; etc.

Thanks for this inspiring organization.

Phyllis H. Bowman